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Nov 4, 2006 08:40 PM

Ford's Filling Station - $16 for THAT burger?

Had dinner last night at Ford's Filling Station. Watched several burgers leave the kitchen and decided to give one a try. Bad idea.

The "hand-ground" meat had a strange consistency, like it had been left in a food processor for too long. I ordered it medium, but it came cooked all the way through. It was still juicy, but had absolutely no pink. As for the taste - eh. The onion rings were fine, albeit a bit cold.

The meat may be organic and the restaurant may be upscale, but if you're going to put a hamburger on the menu and charge $16 for it, make sure you know how to make one.

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  1. Try most of the menu and it will inspire that same reaction.

    1. I, too, was underwhelmed at Ford's.

      Great atmosphere, and good drinks, but both times I was there, service was very spotty (though friendly), and I left feeling like I had overpaid for being underfed.

      1. I agree about the burger. Moreover, the onion rings that come with it looked like pale cheetos, overly battered and puffy, and tasting like old cooking oil.

        1. Took a friend to Ford's for a birthday lunch.

          Totally underwhelmed and overpriced. Nothing had any flavor.

          First and last time.

          1. the only good thing there might just be the only dished i tried there, a butterscoth pudding, nice with softly whipped cream and candied pecans.