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Ford's Filling Station - $16 for THAT burger?

Had dinner last night at Ford's Filling Station. Watched several burgers leave the kitchen and decided to give one a try. Bad idea.

The "hand-ground" meat had a strange consistency, like it had been left in a food processor for too long. I ordered it medium, but it came cooked all the way through. It was still juicy, but had absolutely no pink. As for the taste - eh. The onion rings were fine, albeit a bit cold.

The meat may be organic and the restaurant may be upscale, but if you're going to put a hamburger on the menu and charge $16 for it, make sure you know how to make one.

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  1. Try most of the menu and it will inspire that same reaction.

    1. I, too, was underwhelmed at Ford's.

      Great atmosphere, and good drinks, but both times I was there, service was very spotty (though friendly), and I left feeling like I had overpaid for being underfed.

      1. I agree about the burger. Moreover, the onion rings that come with it looked like pale cheetos, overly battered and puffy, and tasting like old cooking oil.

        1. Took a friend to Ford's for a birthday lunch.

          Totally underwhelmed and overpriced. Nothing had any flavor.

          First and last time.

          1. the only good thing there might just be the only dished i tried there, a butterscoth pudding, nice with softly whipped cream and candied pecans.

            1. i had a smoked trout salad with fingerling potatoes that i really enjoyed. the dish came together very well with the dressing-- a kind of combination that i wouldn't have thought to put together myself. and that's what i look for when deciding whether i like a restaurant or not... so i like Ford's for that, and for the awesome atmosphere, beautiful interior, and down-to-earth warm service.

              1. ate there once, never again...

                1. Had the fish and chips there yesterday... I thought that they were pretty good, as well as the battered asparagus... delicious... though all was over priced, and service was non-existant.

                  1. I went to dinner there last night with a party of three, and we were greeted promptly and with a smile. We decided to sit outside, since there was no wait.
                    Alas, that was the high point.
                    The service from beginning to end was completely underwhelming, albeit very nice and plesant. I had to flag down a busser twice to a)order a 2nd round of drinks and b)get our check.
                    We waited 10 minutes to order drinks, another 10 to wait for the return of the waitress to order our charcuterie, salad, and then our 2 entrees.
                    The charcuterie was great, although arrived with no explanation of what the items we ordered were, so we again had to flag down a busser who left and returned with the explanation.
                    The entrees were pretty good: a 4 cheese flatbread that smelled delicious and apparently tasted very good. My burger was cooked well, and tasted ok, although the consistency of the meat was a little odd and the bun completely fell apart half way through eating.
                    On a humorous note, we ordered our 2nd round of beers a few minutes before the entrees arrived, yet they didn't hit our table until we were 90% done eating our entrees.
                    I'm forgiving, for sure, but it's not like they were slammed busy, or unaware of a Friday night's expectation for a crowd.
                    The two tables next to us were also left waiting for inappropriate amounts of time, including a table of six with Brad Garrett from Everybody Loves Raymond...at one point, we even exchanged knowing glances about the lack of expediency.

                    That's my rant.

                    1. Gosh, you guys...we just had lunch there, and I was gonna post a glowing review, but thought I'd see what everyone else had thought about it. For the record: the burger on the lunch menu is $14, not $16, and let me just say that I have a BIG problem with charging more or less for the same item just because of what the clock says. That said, I thought it was easily the best burger of that sort I've ever put into my mouth. Medium-rare, just as I'd specified; very finely ground, as others have noted, but I don't have a problem with that, and perfectly seasoned; loved the blue cheese, loved the bun. My plate was a sort of onion-o-rama what with the caramelized onions and the raw slice of red onion on the burger, and the onion rings. Oh Lord, the onion rings!! Like crisp crullers with some tender onion inside. Gave one to Mrs. O, who took a bite and instantly regretted her cheese board...okay, not really, but she did love it. Six of those guys was exactly enough - they're too rich to have a big pile of them, and when they start to cool off they become much less wonderful.

                      This place is not a cheap lunch spot: although I think the entrée selections are reasonable at $14 and $16, $2.75 for iced tea is a bit steep and $10 for an order of soup is insane. That cheese board was also $14, and consisted of three rather small chunks of cheese, four tiny dried apricots and half a small loaf of bread. OTOH all of these things were very good indeed, and when Mrs. O pleaded for a little more bread and two more apricots the waiter brought a whole 'nother half-loaf and four apricots and didn't write'em up.

                      Everything everyone else was eating (with obvious pleasure, I must say) looked really good, and I expect we'll drop in for further exploration. The fish and chips ($16) looked good and really huge, and was obviously popular. Service was both prompt and friendly, with efficient attention from our waiter, the bus guy (cleanup and tea refills) and the manager, who came by just as we'd laid the charge card in the tray, and said, "Is that ready? I'll take it," and did.

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                        I found the same - and posted on it six months back or so. I thought I paid $14 for the burger at dinner, at the bar, but I don't recall.

                        Ford's is a very busy place and it seems that the dining experience will vary some based on when you go, how busy they are, who your server is, etc. I haven't seen much variance in the food I've ordered, but I make it a point to ask the server what is good. The chicken, the burger, the shrimp flatbread. From an economic standpoint, if they are packed with their prices as they are, why should they lower them?

                        I think most of the items are good, some better than good, and the high prices are the price you pay for a hip, buzzing spot.

                        Glad you enjoyed it too.