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Nov 4, 2006 08:32 PM

Party for around 20 people

Looking for a cool place that would be good for a party for about 17-21 people, not too expensive, but a cool place.

Tried Kultura and Lee but they both cant do it.

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  1. call Izakaya- they do a great party for a group this size- i threw one there this spring. I think the manager's name is Christopher and he totally looked after the details- the food is quite accessible- everyone liked it even though some were initially *afraid* of Japanese-

    1. When do you want to do this? Weekend? weekday? do you just want food or more of a loungey experience with good food?

      My thoughts would be to try Laide on Adelaide @ Jarvis.. they are do 3 courses for $25 and you can choose anything on their menu. It is a cool place.. even Mayor Miller thinks so, he partied there on Halloween! ( )

      Menu is on their website ( )