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Dinner Near Hines Convention Center: Help!

A group of 6 of us needs to have dinner somewhere between Arlington St. and the Hynes Convention Center midweek. Looking for interesting flavorful food. We don't know Boston at all. I thought of the Summer Shack, which I know by reputation and from walking by it. It's the only place I even know by name in the area. Is that a good option? Why or why not? Can we do better? Looking for under $40 per person. Chowhound's always been an excellent source, and I always try to give back in areas that I know...so please steer us well! Thanks.

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  1. One favorite of mine in that area is Kashmir, a fine Indian restaurant at the corner of Newbury Street and Gloucester. Somewhat upscale, but certainly under $40 a person, and in my opinion far superior to the Summer Shack, which I've always thought of as something of a tourist trap.

    1. Try Laurel Grill and Bar at 142 Berkeley Street.

      HATE Summer Shack! Over priced celebrity chef. If you really want to try Summer Shack, they are now at the airport.

      Higher end, but one of my favorite places in all of Boston is Clio's. That would be two blocks away from the Hynes headed towards Kenmore Square. Clio is located in the Eliot Hotel on the corner of Mass Ave and Commonwealth Ave.

      If you want to walk towards the South End, you have choices of Stellas, 28 Degrees, Mistrials, Union and so many more.


      1. I second Laurel. It's not the most spectacular food, but it's a solid menu with lots of options for all kinds of palates, and it's totally reasonable. They do a thing where their wine list (which isn't adventurous, but is solid) is only $10 over cost. I like the duck -- it's pretty consistenly good, and a bargain. They're great for large groups, and you can reserve easily through opentable.com. Also, their version of the Old Fashioned cocktail is outta control good. The best I've had in town.

        1. I would recommend almost anything over Summer Shack, which has been known for spotty food and service. Additionally, the atmosphere inside the place is kind of hard and cold, IMO, reminiscent of a well outfitted rec room.

          Laurel is good for a reliable dinner without getting shafted, for sure. Also consider Tapeo on Newbury St (between Fairfield & Gloucester?), which serves an interesting tapas menu in nice surroundings.

          1. Chilli Duck on Boylston across from the Pru. Go for the crazy rolls.

            1. Well if you are into Japanese/Korean food you could try Arirang House on Mass. Ave. Buffet but the food is great. But that is just my two cents. Think it is like $12.99 in the evening or something like that.

              1. There are lots of restaurants in that area but most are more hype than good food - including SummerShack (don't go there!). A favorite of mine is Bouchee (french bistro on Newbury between Clarendon & Dartmouth); Thai Basil and Bangkok Blue are also good.

                For better options, venture into Kenmore Square for Petit Robert or Eastern Standard - both are much better than most places around Newbury/Back Bay.

                1. Second critiques of SS. Stephanies is consistently good---as are Atlantic Fish Co, Sonsie, Tapeo, Bouche, Charlies, Joe's American. For upscale, Capital Grill is one of the best.

                  1. Beyond the Hines, on Mass. Ave. diagonally across from the T station is Bhindi Bazaar, good Indian.

                    1. Brassiere Joe is quite good. Love the cheese selection. For Thai I like Chili Duck. Bar 10 at the Weston Hotel is a lovely spot to stop for a drink and Buckowski's is great for a dive bar for macaroni and cheese, or sweet potato fries.

                      1. For quality, high-end Mexican, try Casa Romero. If you can splurge, try Uni, Ken Oringer's sushi restaurant (it's connected to his main restaurant, Clio.) If you go, definitely considerer trying the kobe carpaccio - it comes with several salt crusts and is among the better dishes I've had in the last few months...

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                          I heard last week that Clio has also now added a Wagyu dish to the menu...

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                            Yes, and it's an insult. If I recall the waiter correctly, it costs $85 for sometihng like 4 ounces. American Wagyu beef is not any better than USDA Prime, and I can get 25 ounces of that for $40 at any of the steakhouses in town.

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                              I agree that spending that much is a little insane but should point out that it is Japanese Wagyu - not American. The Kobe is American but the Wagyu is imported in from Japan - at least that is what I was told and I trust the source.

                        2. I'm with Pegmeister - Brasserie Jo is a great spot. It's fun and somewhat elegant, prices are mid-range, which is a great for a big group when you're not sure what everyone is willing pay. They serve you these great marinated carrots and a fresh baguette to start your meal and the escargot are quite good too. Desserts are pretty impressive with a nice chocolate mousse served tableside. I also like their tarte flambees, sort of a like a rustic thin crust pizza flatbread.
                          At any rate, you have a lot of good options in that area!
                          Here's a link to their website:

                          1. Bangkok City (167 Mass. Ave.) is very close to the Hynes, and serves excellent Thai food.

                            I'd recommend asking for the "Thai Menu" as soon as you enter. It features the more authentic (and delicious IMO) dishes.