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cupcake carrier - HELP!

I think this may have been discussed before, but I can't find the info - does anyone know where I can buy the plastic trays that hold muffins or cupcakes, so they each sit in their individual holes (like when you buy a pack of 6 at the grocery store) - like a baking supply shop or something? I am in desperate need of this information, thanks in advance!!

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  1. I saw one in Linens N Things.

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      awesome - i just looked at the website. that would be my last resort though, as i was hoping for something cheaper - like disposable plastic clear trays, or even cardboard separater tray thingie - but thanks so much for the scoop. i may have to take a trip there in a few days if i cant find anything else!!

    2. west side of Spadina- north of queen, there is a store there, i think it is called tap phong- my girlfriend bought these there this summer-

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        thank you!!! im having a "duh" moment right now :)

      2. oh and dollarama has aluminum muffin pans for a dollar each (of course, it's dollarama right?! :-P )

        the muffin pan holds four cupcakes/muffins.

        1. Buy a package of muffins at Loblaws and throw the muffins out. Voila.

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          1. Have you tried asking to buy some at your local supermarket/bakery? Sometimes they will sell you some or if you only need a few, give them to you....

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              thats a good idea actually. thanks!

            2. I saw some that were sold at Linens and Things. One is normal size and one for minis.

              1. Saw them demonstrating one yesterday at Michaels arts and crafts store.

                Looks like something made by Tupperware but probably isn't. Has holders and a lid.


                1. Try McCalls cake supply shop Kipling/Dundas area, they tend to carry all things cakeish.

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                      If you are looking for super cheap here goes...the top of the box that paper comes in from an office combined with the dividers from a 24 of beer make a GREAT cheap tray.... a little bit of dollar store gift wrap, some tape and scissors ( to cut the dividers down ) and you are set to go...
                      This works really well for bake sales or pot lucks at work.

                    2. Target has one for about 20 bucks. It holds 24, I think. It's called a Cupcake Carrier.