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Nov 4, 2006 07:16 PM

Fry bread alert! Navajo tacos! Austin - until 10PM tonight

Just got back from the Austin Pow Wow and Native American Heritage Festival, and their food court was hoppin'. Had a buffalo taco - a good (possibly homemade) flour tortilla holding stewed buffalo meat. It was mildly spiced, the beef was lean and tender, and it was a savory few mouthfuls....for $4.00, not highly recommended. BUT! The Navajo taco and blue corn fry bread were wonderful. The Navajo taco: fry bread (a puffy fried disc of dough) topped with ground beef, pinto beans, chopped tomatoes and lettuce, cheddar cheese. The meat/bean mixture was (as seems to be the norm with this dish) hardly spiced at all, but tasted meaty and beany and was delicious. It was $7.00, but it filled me and my husband and my toddler. The best part was the green chile salsa to add on top - incendiary, fresh, chunky and a perfect complement to the rich and savory taco. We also got a plain blue corn fry bread which was fantastic - the corn flavor was pronounced and it was grainy and puffy at the same time. Just delicious. $3.00.

I saw buffalo burgers and chili for sale, some nice looking roasted corn and skewers of meat, and regular burgers, fries and turkey legs. The web site mentioned green chile bowls, but I didn't run across them. What a treat to have a Navajo taco here in Austin! The event is today only, at the Toney Burger Center where the Sunset Valley Farmer's Market is. Its free, so if you can deal with a chaotic parking mess, you can have some Native American food, shop for crafts and see some amazing drumming, dancing and singing.

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