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Nov 4, 2006 07:12 PM

Pinkberry-Studio City location, was just there!

It was 11:30 am on Saturday and I just made my first visit to Pinkberry in Studio City, now I know what the hype is with the interior-very nice for a yogurt shop. There was no wait at all and I mainly went in that area to go next store to the bagel shop since they have Pumpkin Bagels this month, amazingly good!

Since it was to early for a yogurt craving I had to try a sample of this green tee flavor and it was delicious.

I will go back and board-try those pumpkin bagels next store.



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  1. I'm so over the interior... but the yoghurt was tasty. Expensive, but at least they use real fruit and it doesn't come out of a can with 8,000 calories worth of sugar syrup.

    1. I, too, tried the Studio City Pinkberry this week. I can see a certain appeal, and the thing grew on me as I ate it, but I don't find it cravable. Is a big selling point that it's not bad for you? Because I've definitely had more delicious yogurt, but not more delicious low-sugar yogurt. I was served by an obvious trainee, but she was nice.

      1. There are 5 grams of regular old sugar per ounce in the Pinkberry yogurt. It adds up!

        1. Just went to the Studio City branch on Friday, had a medium with blueberries (very large & sweet), mango (very tasty), and yogurt chips for some crunch. This was my first time at a Pink Berry, and I really enjoyed it. The yogurt had a good tang and the servers were all very nice. I had a sample of the green tea flavor, and while it was ok, I can't really think of matching it up with anything. Suggestions?

          1. Don't laugh but:
            the fruity pebbles are great with the green tea flavored yogurt.