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Pinkberry-Studio City location, was just there!

It was 11:30 am on Saturday and I just made my first visit to Pinkberry in Studio City, now I know what the hype is with the interior-very nice for a yogurt shop. There was no wait at all and I mainly went in that area to go next store to the bagel shop since they have Pumpkin Bagels this month, amazingly good!

Since it was to early for a yogurt craving I had to try a sample of this green tee flavor and it was delicious.

I will go back and board-try those pumpkin bagels next store.



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  1. I'm so over the interior... but the yoghurt was tasty. Expensive, but at least they use real fruit and it doesn't come out of a can with 8,000 calories worth of sugar syrup.

    1. I, too, tried the Studio City Pinkberry this week. I can see a certain appeal, and the thing grew on me as I ate it, but I don't find it cravable. Is a big selling point that it's not bad for you? Because I've definitely had more delicious yogurt, but not more delicious low-sugar yogurt. I was served by an obvious trainee, but she was nice.

      1. There are 5 grams of regular old sugar per ounce in the Pinkberry yogurt. It adds up!

        1. Just went to the Studio City branch on Friday, had a medium with blueberries (very large & sweet), mango (very tasty), and yogurt chips for some crunch. This was my first time at a Pink Berry, and I really enjoyed it. The yogurt had a good tang and the servers were all very nice. I had a sample of the green tea flavor, and while it was ok, I can't really think of matching it up with anything. Suggestions?

          1. Don't laugh but:
            the fruity pebbles are great with the green tea flavored yogurt.

            1. I like it, but a) the parking is a freakin' nightmare, with Trader Joe's, McDonalds, Dupar's, etc. etc. all in the same lot, and b) it's really expensive for what it is. I prefer Studio Yogurt, in the plaza on the corner with Louise's and the Daily Grill.

              1. I agree ... Studio Yogurt is much better!

                1. I went for the first time about a week ago to the Studio City location. I loved the decor. But I love mod stuff.

                  As for the yogurt, I liked it. I had feared it would almost be too sour from what I've read here on CH but it was much more mild and really not tangy to me (but I love sour flavors). Still, I enjoyed the fresh fruit- they had the most incredible blackberries when I went. Yeah, $4.95 for a medium with three toppings is a lot but so is Coldstone and any sort of "thing" like this. I rather spend $5 on fresh fruit and yogurt over a "fancy" dry cupcake with too much celeb hype. Given a choice of Thrifty ice cream at Rite Aid or Pinkberry? It depends of my mood. Both are great.

                  Oh, and yeah, parking is HORRIBLE there.

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                    I also went last week to the Studio City location. It was my first time trying Pinkberry. I tasted both flavors and didn't care much for the green tea, so I ordered the plain. I had a small wtih sliced bananas and it was very enjoyable for a mid-afternoon snack. I thought the flavor was pleasantly yogurty and not sour at all. I'll return to try it with one of the cereals. I won't ever try it with berries, except maybe with strawberries, as I can't deal with berry seeds, period. The parking in that center can be a hassle but I can't think of a time where I didn't find a space.

                    1. re: Debbie W

                      I also got blueberries (no seeds) and kiwi (seeds are edible). I didn't think the blackberry seeds were bad. I wouldn't get the pom seeds though. That would be a chore to eat.

                        1. re: Das Ubergeek

                          Yes, I know but I don't want to eat them! I used to spend hours cracking them open for the tiny bit of nub. Too much work.

                  2. I've never been to Pinkberry but they are popping up all over - must be something to it! In BH within a one mile radius there are two opening up! Apparently I NEED to try it! Is the nutrional breakdown available anywhere that anyone knows about? Probably on a website somewhere... Let me knpw!

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                      The guy who helped me at Studio City said the plain has 25 calories per ounce. I had a small which has 5 ounces. I didn't check on how many ounces are in the larger sizes.

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                        you Could try checking Pinkberry's website. their theme song is catchy! i'm sick with the flu and this song is making me feel so much better.

                        about > nutrition facts

                        25 calories, 0 from fat, 6g carbs (5g sugar) and 1g protein .. which doesn't add up .. should be 28 calories per ounce, hah... BUT I'M NOT COUNTING!

                        o/` p-i-n-k-b-e-r-r-y pink-berrrrrrry; sorry ice cream, I'm on my way to pinkberry o/`

                      2. Went to the one on Larchmont a few weeks ago and got a smoothie. I don't see what all the hype is about. If you want excellent frozen dessert, Scoops on Helieotrope and Melrose is GREAT. That man is a genius!

                        1. 2-10-2007 Hype hyped and overpriced, went to the studio city location just to give it a shot. I was looking for this magical experiance , some kind of taste explosion for that price.
                          If you are foolish enough you can pay $9.45 for a large yougurt 3-toppins. Its purley the new culture thing like some of the celbs that frequent the place all hype and no substance.
                          In sum, a $3.45 treat plus a $6 donation .

                          1. Want crave-able? (is that a word?) Studio Yogurt right around the corner (on Laurel Canyon and Ventura) from Pink Berry usually has at least one flavor of "Eskimo" brand frozen custard....holy shnike is is creamy and amazing! But then...it's actually dessert and not an "after workout treat".

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                              Oh my God, I love that stuff. Pinkberry holds no charms to soothe my yoghurt-loving soul, because I've been going to Studio Yogurt for so many years.