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Nov 4, 2006 07:04 PM


I'm in love with wine, WHY? What makes this wine so different then the Melot I used to love. Any thoughts? or suggestions on a decent priced Sharz.

Gaynele in Baltimore

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  1. The syrah aka shiraz grape tastes different from the merlot grape.

    Rosemount is reliable and relatively inexpensive.

    1. Recently, I've found several different, reasonably priced, tasty shirazes (or syrahs) from South Africa that I like better than comparably priced Aussies. Long Neck and Origin are fairly common supermarket brands. Also tasty are the red blends from Goats do Roam which are syrah based.


      1. Jacob's Creek, Lindeman's-both aussie and both very decent and under $10. Enjoy!

        1. You might be liking the Shiraz because it, like many Merlots, tends to be pretty fruit forward, sometimes jammy, fuller bodied. Yeah, it tastes different from Merlot, but to me they have pretty similar major characteristics for the wine novice. You might also want to try some Argentenian Malbec. Usually very reasonably priced too.