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Nov 4, 2006 06:45 PM

Sushi in Hell's Kitchen

We tried Aoki last night and it was TERRIBLE. Whoever was cutting the sushi OBVIOUSLY did not know what they were doing, the rice was gummy, and the appetizer (rock shrimp tempura) was soggy. Where can we get a decent sushi meal in the neighborhood?

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  1. Try West Side Sushi, around 49 and 9th. All the rolls have crabmeat in them: very cheap and very good and very unique.

    1. Shimizu on 51st between 8th and 9th. Hands down the best sushi in Hells Kitchen.


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        I'll second Shimizu. West Side is fairly mediocre but it is cheap. sushi of gari just opened in restaurant row.

      2. how about for a notch below shimizu - that is, a good, affordable, stand by neighborhood place? i haven't liked west side sushi or pearl on the sushi; i live upstairs from kodama but haven't tried it yet. i'm not looking for anything fancy, just a place to spend maybe 20 bucks a person on a few pieces, a couple rolls, maybe an appetizer?

        i'm resigned to the fact that i won't find a place like taro in park slope, although that may be the paradigmatic example of the excellent neighborhood place.

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          Raku, on 47th, is serviceable. Sounds like what you'd be looking for.