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Nov 4, 2006 05:04 PM

Recommendations in Huntington Park along Pacific Ave.

I've driven around here a bit in the past and had some pretty good tacos at stands, but I'd like to go walk around the shopping district along Pacific in the early evening and then have a sit down dinner in the area with some friends. Any recommendations?


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  1. One of my favorite restaurants is 2 blocks to the west of Pacific bl. on Santa Fe, a block south of Gage. Avilas El Ranchito is a great sit down mexican place. Great food, great service. Torts are made there... most of the traditional plates are very good.
    I wish I could tell you more about the dishes, but since ive had Avilas Chicken Soup I haven't eaten anthing else.

    On Gage between Santa Fe and Pacific on south side there is a good Guatamalean place (sorry, not good on names).

    A couple of new places opened between Gage and Florence on Pacific on the west side.. have not tried them but they look promising.

    I also love La Casita Mexicana located at 4030 E. Gage Ave., but if your walking from shopping on gage its a bit far.

    Heard good things (from a real Honduran) about a Honduran kitchen on Santa Fe and Slauson, have not eaten there.

    If you like King Taco there is a new one open on Pacific (there it is Long Beach Bl) 2 blocks south of Florence on the West side.

    As your leaving HP toward (presumably) 710fwy there are some good sit down places as you go. Cuban at Miami isn't bad and La Barca just before the freeway on north side is very good.

    Good luck