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Nov 4, 2006 04:25 PM

Annisa - Need dish recommendations, or alternative dining suggestions

Was planning on going next month for an anniversary dinner and would love to get more feedback about can't-miss items on the menu. Based on other posts, the best dishes seem to be the foie gras dumplings, sable, and a roasted pork loin, though the last item doesn't appear to be on the current menu. In addition, I do go, should I order a la carte or the tasting menu.

Also, for those who weren't blown away by their meal there, I would love to hear alternative venues that have similar atmosphere. I like big flavors (think: Ouest's menu) and am concerned that my dinner at Annisa will be great from an atmosphere and service perspective but fall short of the gut-pleasing flavors I prefer. I'm curious to hear what chefs posters think offer the best one-two combo of both bold, deeply satisfying flavors and creativity.

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  1. Annisa is cool and austere. Love it. But my meals there has been delicate and subtle, not what I would describe as big flavors. As a possible alternative, I would suggest the Tasting Room in Nolita, a high-end, relaxed restaurant where I have had amazing dishes, ranging from awesome chicken, amazing scallops and mushrooms I would kill for. great wine-by-glass selctions as well.

    1. I brought my bf to Annisa for his birthday dinner this year and we would both highly suggest it. We did the tasting menu (which always includes the foie gras dumplings) -- which we paired with the wine tasting. We are both certified foodies, and would not have traded for anywhere else. The service is superb, the flavor combinations elegant, and the atmosphere romantic. Tasting Room is great too, but there is really not much like Annisa.