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Nov 4, 2006 04:21 PM

Brownies in Muffin Tins- The Ultimate Corner Brownies?

This afternoon I'll be doing brownies from Julia Child's Baking Book.
I want to try them in teflon coated muffin tins. Has anyone done this?Because they will bake faster, I'm trying to figure out what will be my signal to remove them from the oven...... What are your thoughts/experiences, you talented CH chefs out there?????Thanks much.

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  1. What are your usual signals? I don't know Julia's recipe, but with mine I look for puffed in the center and starting to crack on top. When the house smells like chocolate, the brownies are done!

    1. As I lost custody of my 8*8 pan a few years ago, muffin tins are our regular brownie pans. I look for definite "rinds," but a gooey center.

      1. when in doubt, go for underbaking rather than over baking...maybe make two pans worth and pull out at diff times and make notes?

        1. v good suggestion.; thanks. i'm doing rick katz's from julia child book, and comparing to alice medrich's unsw choc brownie recipe.
          will post results

          1. You want corner brownies? Check out this pan; baking, as you know it, will be forever changed.


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              xan- that's precisely my point- you get 'the ultimate corner brownies' when you bake them in muffin tins! no need to spend $35...

              1. re: opinionatedchef

                But Opinionated, the pan is good for much more than brownies! I've made cheesecakes, "regular" butter cakes, lasagne, persimmon pudding . . .

                I do, however, admire your thriftiness; using a muffin tin is a terrific idea.

                1. re: Xanthippe

                  OK. I just gasped in joy - in any casserole-type dishes, it's not done in my mind until it's nearly burnt on the edges (carry over from my mother, but I LOVE crispy edges, especially in baked mac n cheese). I eat the four corners first, then re-bake the middle at length in the oven so it gets crispy again. This would totally save on my over-dry-because-I-overcooked-it-for-crispy-edges syndrome!

                  You totally made my day.

              2. re: Xanthippe

                Who would have thought? I have never seen anything so unique. Personally, I prefer the inside gooey's. I usually trim the whole pan of edges before serving, but of course those ends don't go to waste.

                1. re: othervoice

                  Me too but I would get killed if I ever through them away. They get eaten by the corner lovers in the house, which everyone but me!