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Nov 4, 2006 04:12 PM

ideas for leftover cranberry sauce

I am looking for some ideas on how to use up leftover cranberry sauce.


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  1. I've made a cranberry vinagrette with t-day cranberry leftovers, redwine vin and olive oil...worked well with peppery greens

    1. Safe to assume we're talking about home-made?

      As noted on a couple of other threads - it makes a fine condiment for a variety of turkey sandwiches, and presumably other leftover recipes.

      My wife's recipe thickens up a bit and keeps almost like a preserve for several weeks in the fridge.

      1. You could turn it into a dessert

        1. Over cream cheese as a spread for multi-grain crackers

          1. Just the other night, I made a dipping sauce for some homemade chicken fingers by adding to my cranberry sauce some homemade applesauce, a bit of cider vinegar, some brown sugar, salt and pepper and then pureeing it. It was pretty good.

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              This sounds really good, I bet it would be excellent on pork chops too!