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Nov 4, 2006 04:06 PM

Elegant, Non-Showy (and Delicious) Chocolate Gift

I need the perfect chocolate gift. Small, very elegant/beautiful, but not pretentious. And delicious. Not "impressive", somewhat low profile but it should look like some thought's gone into its selection. It's for a non-foodie, so it should be accessible, taste-wise, and not super refined. (pedigree of cocoa beans, etc, not at all an issue, and no curacao/fennel cream centers, please).

I'll go anywhere in Manhattan to buy, would prefer not to mail order.


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  1. I love Kee's chocolates ... yes, there are some funky (yet delicious) flavors, but a lot of standard ones as well. Don't know what the packaging is like ... because I always get them in the cellophane bag because I'm going to eat them right away. I think the nut truffles are incredible - almond and pistachio. - It's on Thompson in Soho.

    1. Chocolate Bar on 8th Avenue has delicious chocolates. Like Kee's they have some funky flavors, but also "normal" ones. The packaging is brown and orange - elegant but not pretentious. They're going for the retro vibe.

      1. As a chocoholic, I can name few places for you are:

        My absolute favorite place (as well as most 'hounders here) is Kee's Chocolate (80 Thompson Street in SoHo)
        It has an infusion of many great flavors - I truly recommend the Creme brulee - the experience of eating that chocolate blows your mind.

        Jacques Torres' Chocolate Haven
        350 Hudson at King Street (in SoHo

        Lindt Chocolate
        692 5th Ave (Midtown

        Neuhaus Chocolate
        2151 Broadway (Upper West Side

        Most of the ones (except for Kee's) I've listed are not too adventurous in the flavor department but it's good to eat or give as gifts for the non-foodie or the discerning chocoholic. If you really just want mainstream but elegant chocolate, I would stick with Lindt chocolate.

        Good luck on your search.

        1. Thanks all.

          Very understandably, you guys seem to think that I was talking about flavor when I used words like "elegant" and "beautiful". No. I mean the appearance. For once, appearance of food is as important as flavor. Hey, it's a gift!

          I need a single chocolate object (i.e. not a box of chocolates). Smallish. Low profile. Non-impressive. But elegant and beautiful (the object, not the packaging). Also delicious - in an accessible way.


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          1. re: Jim Leff

            How about a tin of MarieBelle's hot chocolate?
            Store is on Broome St in Soho.
            It's unpretentious (hey, it's hot chocolate!) but delicious. The tin is festive and elegant but not too much. A addition of homemade marshmallows (you can get some at Whole Foods) adds a playful touch.

            1. re: Pupster

              It is incredible hot chocolate. You might also want to call Teuscher - they may do special shapes - or also Li-lac - though I've not had their chocolate for years - they do have "shapes" -

          2. Jim, I'd try to Vosges in Soho. I go to kees if I want great chocolate for my lovely wife, but Vosges when I need something like a great, unusual easter bunny for my lovely wife.

            Now, I once had a guy in Hoboken custom make a Last Supper in chocolate.

            132 Spring St.

            Are you back in NYC???