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Nov 4, 2006 04:00 PM

Please settle an a restaurant which is served first?..m

In what order should the following be served?
soup, salad, appetizer.


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  1. app, soup salad, main course

    In Europe, esp. France, the salad is usually served at the end.

    1. I prefer App, soup and I don't usually have both and then main. I'll save the leafy stuff for later if I have room. So if the salad shows up before the main I just set it to one side and wait to see if I am interested after the good stuff.

      1. my pref is app, soup, salad

        1. In a restaurant, what is served first is usually what's listed first on the menu, I would think. Of course, if you prefer another order, what is served first is what you ask to be served first.

          1. Originally, fine dining restaurants followed the order of formal service in upper class homes. Hors d'oeuvres were served with drinks in a parlor before dinner; the first course at table might be soup or bouillon. Then a fish course followed by the meat course, salad, dessert and cheese. Coffee and cordials were generally served away from the table. There might or might not be additional courses depending on the country or formality of the meal.
            That was then, this is now. And none of that stuff works in restaurants or in anybody's home in the real world any longer.
            Who eats that much food, has the servants for that, etc.? Only Embassies, Heads of State, that kind of thing.

            So I guess the answer is "Who cares?" The pattern seems to be that people order an appetizer (or two) first and then soup if they want it before an entree (or not.) It's harder and harder to get a small simple salad of the kind I prefer after my entree so I often forgo that; some are so elaborate that they seem like appetizers. Some soups are hearty enough to be main courses. Fill up on the great bread and you don't have room for much else.
            Adjust your order to the food and make your wishes known to the server.
            It's hardly worth arguing over.
            Or remember: Life is short. Eat dessert first.