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Nov 4, 2006 03:50 PM

ISO Great Italian Sausage

Hey all.

Want to make some Italian sausage for dinner on Monday or Tuesday. We're having a veggie lasagne and I want meat. I thought some sausage as a side would do the trick.
My stand by is the Costco stuff. It's great but as a feature, I'd like something better.

Via Italia area is best for me but will travel.


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  1. Cheese Boutique...this place is the bomb. Food heaven one might say.


    1. Davwud, I'd go to any small Italian meat store down your way and ask for their home-made sausages. I don't know any specific ones in your 'hood, but I've bought them at a place called Roberto's at Keele and Wilson or Lady York Foods at Dufferin south of Lawrence. They both have several varieties, including some with fennel seed etc. Really good with a veggie pasta.

      1. Absolutely the VERY best sausages in the city - The Healthy Butcher, 585 Queen St West, btwn Bathurst & Spadina. A zillion kinds of homemade, all natural sausages. Truly spectacular!

        1. I have heard that Highland Farms on Kingston Road in Scarborough that GREAT Italian sausage.They have a huge fresh meat department and the recommendation is from an Italian she should know!

          1. Cheese Boutique are excellent

            Reithers on Church (across from Cumbraes) my personal favourite