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Nov 4, 2006 03:45 PM

GAP farmer's market's been a while since i've been to the farmer's market ... tend to shop at co-op/fairway/etc. i went today on a gloriously sunny saturday morning and was dismayed to find out that there are very few resources for organic fruits and veggies there. if you really want to buy overwhelmingly organic produce, it would be pretty difficult there. in fact, i don't think i saw a single organic apple around (may have missed something but i thought i looked at everything.)
i did decide, however, to take a chance on a depaulo's (sp?) turkey for this year's tgiving. people on this board said it's good and i'm hoping it's a notch up from a murray's turkey (which i can get at staubitz and/or union market.) the farmer's market turkey is pricing at $2.20/lb while union says that they are selling the murray's turkeys for $1.79lb.
i took a flyer on the pork guy and had a long talk with him then took 4 pork chops but was stunned to find out it was almost $20! eek. i did buy them and man, they better be really good. but i think that may be a bit too dear for the future.
lastly, i did love the fish people. really fresh fish and good prices.

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  1. Where exactly is the GAP farmers market???

    1. At Grand Army Plaza (Park Slope, Brooklyn)

      1. I hear you on the price of porkchops, Redgirl. I find now that I'm a pickier shopper, trying to stick to organically/sustainably/whatever raised meats, I can only afford a fraction of what meat I used to buy. I think economics is helping me eat healthier in a way! The "specialness" of it also serves as a reminder that the consumption of flesh is (literally!) a sacrifice.

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          i agree and since we started buying about 70% organic we've really been observant about what we can buy/eat. less meat..or sometimes organic turkey meat sauce over a pork loin since it's less expensive. nothing most people don't deal with on a daily basis but buying organic is expensive.
          i noticed (sorry to go sideways here) that in the beginning, fairway put murray's chickens on special price but not for over 6 weeks now (i check weekly.) a sort of 'lure you in' but then no more specials. wahh. we just bought a freezer with the idea that i'll troll the specials for organic (or, like murray's - essentially organic) and then buy a few portions of it for the freezer. i do this at union market. this month (drives me nuts that they don't have weekly specials) is natural bone-in leg-of-lamb and i went and got a beautiful one that is now extremely frozen and waiting for a special dinner in the winter.

        2. Everything I've had from the fish stand and the pork stand and the organic egg stand at GAP has been great . . . smoked organic ham hocks, about $3-$4, are a million times better than supermarket ones. Bet your pork chops will be worth it too.

          That's interesting about the general lack of organics tho - I go to the Coop so I hadn't noticed so much. At the Coop our local apples are "minimally treated" - the same might be true for some of the GAP farmers. Maybe it's not worth the certification process.

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          1. re: pitu

            "Maybe not worth the certification process"... excellent point, pitu. That's why its great to buy at places like GAP farmers market, where you can find out from the source how the stuff was grown.

            I'll take a "minimally treated" apple from a farm I can visit or a farmer I know over a bag of certified organic spinach any day!

          2. FWIW The Organinic section at FAIRWAY gets larger every week.