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Nov 4, 2006 03:27 PM

sommelier training, SF Bay area

Tried this on Wine board with no response, so to try again here:
Are there places to learn about wine near San Francisco that would take a professional approach as opposed to a wine appreciation kind of program?

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  1. Call UC Davis. They offer degrees in wine making etc.

      1. Unless you want to learn how to grow grapes or make wine, I'd steer you away from UC Davis degree programs. Instead, for sommelier wine service training and course preparation for the ladder of exams leading to the Master Sommelier, get in touch with my friend David Glancy MS. He runs the wine program at PCI -

        1. The WSET is offered through Copia in Napa:

          There is also a new program offered through the CIA at Greystone but it is so new that many in the industry don't quite recognize it yet.

          Note: I have taken the intermediate WSET course which is more education-oriented. The Court of Sommelier cert is more service oriented.