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Nov 4, 2006 02:18 PM

All the Leff Podcasts in one place???


Is there a single place I can get all of Jim's CHOWtour podcasts?? I'm sure I've missed a few and would like to catch up all at once. I'm unable to wait for the DVD release...

  1. No, sorry.

    The problem is that the trip reports are sort of integrated. You need to read the set-ups and see the photos, usually, to get the context for the podcasts. I'm trying to use sound, photography, video, and writing to paint a transportive picture, and any one element would probably clunk, isolated on its own. I'd suggest you just go through, search (using your browser's search function) for "podcast", and clicking as you go. And catch up soon, cuz there's a LOT more reports to follow!