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Nov 4, 2006 01:57 PM

Birthday Dinner with friends

Help! I'm looking for a restaurant to go to with about 7 or 8 friends for my birthday. I don't wan't crazy expensive or stuffy but I am looking for, in this order, great eats and wine (with choices for other good drinks), a little sophistication, lively atmosphere and hip without being hipster. Oh, and somewhere it won't be impossible to get a reservation within a week. I couldn't care less what type of food because I love it all. I know alot of demands. Would Casa Mono be a little too pricey and uptight?

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    1. re: jess10381

      Food is horrible, service below par. As a matter of fact, food in this venue is just an afterthought, it's a night club mascarading as a "restaurant" to make it easier to get a liquor license with the SLA.
      Dinner at Le Souk? Let me laugh, the last time they served decent food was when Richard Nixon was president.

      1. re: Moshe Dayan

        We had a birthday dinner the other night there. the food was yummy. But you can laugh.

    2. You could try The Orchard on the Lower East Side, as of last week they didn't have their liquor license so BYOB (which is not a bad thing). They may have it by now. Food was very good and it was a cool spot, hip without being loud and crazy.

        1. Casa Mono would be too crowded and expensive. I'd say Blaue Gans ---- great for a group, good/interesting food, very reasonable prices, varied crowd, and a tasty, affordable wine list. Or Raoul's.