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Nov 4, 2006 01:07 PM


We had dinner at Gusto and we were pretty dissapointed. We made reservations 2 weeks in advance, however when we got there they asked if we want to get a drink at the bar while they got our table ready. The annoying thing was that the place was empty and there were about 10 tables ready. We stood like idiots for 10 minutes since the bar was crowded and we planning to buy a bottle when we sat down. They gave us a so so table and then came over again 10 minutes later and asked us to spell our names that the reservation was under. What's that about? They brought over this very bizarre radish and anchovie plate for the table, which was not appealing. The food was so boyfriends ox tail pasta had bones in it. The host was kissing some man's ass next to us and kept squeezing in next to me to talk to him, which i found very rude. Over all.... not impressive.

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  1. I had dinner at Gusto last night with two friends and had a really delicious and pleasant experience. We shared a beef carpaccio, sardines and fried artichokes (unlike any I have had, they are unbreaded. I had the scallops, which were delicious and the polenta was nicely flavored with lardo. It was very expensive, though. They must have a lot of off nights, but last night was a winner.

    1. Sorry to disagree, but we went through 2 or 3 bowls of those fresh radishes with an anchovy paste on them. Pure love.

      The chef (Jody) left not long ago but the new chef is from Sette in Brooklyn (Amanda Freitag) and I liked her there and now at Gusto. I admit that some of what we had a couple of weeks ago werent up to snuff (gummy gnochi for example) but there were more winners than losers in the things that 4 of us sampled. The fried & battered app. assortment was totally non-greasy and had a great sardine and several baitfish amongst the veggies. The scallops were perfect w/the lardo. Maybe you were just pissed off at the treatment: the seating wait plus the host's behavior might have colored your dinner?

      My own pet peeve about the place was always that they hovered and cleared plates before the fork was down; now they seem more relaxed and appropriate.

      1. Perhaps the crummy treatment swayed our opinion, but isn't half the fun of dining, in the good service!?

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          well service is indeed a zagats category and very important to some, but imo chowhound is more about the food focus.

          i keep wanting to give GUSTO a try but all i ever hear is mixed info like in this thread so i havent bothered yet. it's not like the city is hurting for this kind of food.