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Nov 4, 2006 01:01 PM

Why does coffee upset my stomach so much?

I get up daily at 4:30am for work....I have a 2 year old and a 4 month old baby....LUCKILY....I can't tell the effects of caffeine in me. So, I don't NEED coffee to wake up in the morning, HOWEVER, I like coffee a lot. The problem upsets my stomach so much. What's the deal with this?

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  1. If I have more than 2 cups, I have issues. 2 or less seems to settle my stomach.

    How much are you drinking? Do you have the coffee with a dairy product and, if so, are you lactose intolerant?

    1. When I'm stressed, coffes upsets my stomach, like it doesn't need the extra adrenaline or something. Seeing the age of your kids, and starting time of your job, I wouldn't think it odd if you were more on edge than the average person. Coffee is really a very strong drug. Sometimes I'll drink hot chocolate or tea if I know I'll have a crazy day, because I don't have time for an upset stomach. It's getting better as I get older, luckily.

      1. My husband drinks a lot of coffee all day and was having acid reflux problems. I changed from our Gaggia expresso maker (we like strong coffee w lots of milk) to a "cold extract' method of making the coffee. It takes some planning ahead so you dont run out bc it takes 12-18 hrs for the coffee to sit w the water. Everyone that has tasted it likes it better, smoother, less oils and my husband's acid reflux is gone. I think coffee has to be important to you as the method isn't as easy as brewed coffee.

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          Would you mind explaining the method for this "cold extract"?

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            Cold extract coffee, go to
            that will give you all the info.

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              I tried the cold brew method recently and can confirm low acidity, which will help your stomach. You don't need to buy a special system like the Toddy -- just google "cold brew coffee." You probably have everything you need already and it's surprisingly easy to do.

              Another low acidity option is the Chemex, which is actually looks pretty classy, too.

              PS: I just realized, you can make cold brew concentrate easily using a French Press.

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                Yep, I use a french press for mine. That way I can make hot or cold coffee (admittedly I have not made hot coffee in it yet, but the point is that I have the option to lol!)

                If I drink too much, I still get an upset stomach (especially if I drink more than two cups diluted only with heavy cream lol, but oh so good that way), but it seems to be a bit easier on it than hot-brew. It's especially nice if you grind up a bunch of cinnamon into it before brewing, it really comes through nicely.

        2. Could be less than optimum brewing. The best brewing temperature is about 200 F. We just verified that brewing at lower temperatures does change the quality of the coffee. We've been using an electric vacuum pot, and recently changed to a Technivorm that we got from SweetMarias ( ) The side by side comparison was dramatic. The Bodum cup clearly had oils shimmering on top, a more acidic taste, and residue at the bottom of the cup. The Technivorm had no oil, no acid, and no residue. I've also noticed a reduction in acid reflux after drinking my normal two large cups.

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            Even though we own a coffeeshop, we put off getting a Technivorm for our house until four months ago. My reflux issues are much rarer than they used to be - and I drink a buttload of coffee. Technivorm at home, espresso and decaf at work. On days when I know I'm doing a lot of tasting I'll eat more and drink more water.

            Overall, I think my reflux is 100% related to stress and not what I put into my body. Lack of sleep aggravates it, as does eating too close to bedtime. That's simply my opinion, but having had reflux for 14 years, the more I read about the condition and it's relative non-existence outside the US/Canada, but more I become convinced that the pros have no idea. Do the research yourself on why many healthplans don't cover many prescription PPIs. It's pretty eye opening stuff - drugs with no apparent purpose other than profit.

          2. If you're using dairy in your coffee, switch to black and give it a try. I used to drink mine double, double. It had a rather cleansing affect on me. I switched to black and it doesn't happen anymore.
            I found I like coffee more now too.