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Thanksgiving dinner in Martha's Vineyard

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Does anybody know of some good, year-around restaurants on MV that are going to be open on Thanksgiving? I would prefer traditional menu with turkey etc. Thank you for your suggestions.

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  1. Coach House Restaurant at Harborview Hotel

    1. I think Lola's used to do a family style Thanksgiving with each table getting a turkey and the trimmings. I also wonder if the Inn at Blueberry Hill is open for Thanksgiving?

      I think Harborview is a buffet- we did the Easter one and I think Thanksgiving a long time ago - it was ok, not fantastic.

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        Thank you for your suggestions. Lola is already closed for the season. I ended up making reservations at Detente in Edgartown. They offer a pre-fix Thanksgiving menu. I'll try to post my review after the visit.