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Brine reuse?

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I made some pork chops that required some brining and they came out nice and moist. However, now I have a jar of brining liquid and it would seem a bit of a waste to just pour it down the drain. Can I use the same brine again? If I can, for how long and should I just stick with pork again? I figure with the salt, it should keep the bacteria away but you never know.


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  1. No. I would say you're taking a chance. It's only salt and water. Both cheap and not worth three days in the fetal position.


    1. I wouldn't use it.

      1. Definately throw it out. There is not enough salt in it to kill bacteria.

        1. i make a VERY complex brine for one of my smoked chicken recipes and i have frozen this and brought to boil before using again.i think i also may have added salt or sugar after testing for remaining salinity. but if your brine is simple, i agree with others to throw away; not worth the freezer space.

          1. Yeah that sounds like a very bad idea.I would never reuse a brine.