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Nov 4, 2006 09:14 AM

Wang Bao He for Shanghai Crab, Whampoa Club & Mimosa for a new dining experience

Just spent a week in Shanghai and had some memorable meals.

Wang Bao He in the Central HOtel for Shanghai hairy crab which is in season at the moment. Several courses all incorporating Shanghai crab.

Whampoa Club for upscale Chinese.

Mimosa was an eye-opening experience. A tasting menu, and each course presented each item three times. Foie gras x 3 ways, etc. It was a lot of food, so pace yourself, and don`t finish it all.

We enjoyed a wine with each course, so best to go with a large group. Five was perfect.

We did the Sunday Brunch at M on the Bund which was a perfect way to end the week, overlooking Pudong and the Bund. The brunch at the Westin looks like an institution.

Looking forward to going back to Shanghai soon. What a great dining city.

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  1. "What a great dining city."

    I think you've discovered one of the worst-kept secrets on the planet. It's also a great noshing city for street foods, small eats, etc.

    Did you go to the original Wang Bao He location, or (I'm guessing) the Central Hotel branch? Did you have one of the prix fixe crab feast menus at Wang Bao He, and if so, how much was it? I know ordering many dazha crab dishes a la carte is still fairly reasonable. What did you have/like at Whampoa Club?

    I'm headed for Shanghai for a month next week, and those are two places "upscale" places I'm planning on hitting, Whampoa Club for the first time.