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Nov 4, 2006 06:57 AM

Praise for Silver Spoon on Roncesvalles

Just wanted to chime in and proclaim my love for this restaurant, I'm rarely dressed for a place as fancy as this, and they've always made me feel comfortable and accepted. Harbor 60 wouldn't let me wear $200 running shoes once, tsk tsk.

Anyways it seems like there's a new menu every time I visit Silver Spoon, delicious food cooked to perfection just for me, and usually a free drink at the end that makes me go mmmmmmmmm. Wifey wanted shrimps, it wasn't on the menu, and she got shrimps.

I think it's like half french and half italian inspired, you should go. Last time I ate there a group of 4 middle aged people were having dinner, and they finished and left. A few minutes later one of the guys walked back in, I figured he forgot something. He did - he wanted a business card. :)

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  1. I went to Silver Spoon for their prix fixe Valentine's Day menu last year. It was amazing -- I loved everything that I ate. Also, like you mention, it's fancy but with a casual atmosphere. Definitely on my top 10.

        1. re: hungryabbey

          With my wife and two glasses of wine I usually end up around $100. I read an old post here last night after I made my post, and some guy said there was too much caramelization and fat in his dinner. I wish I could have his, what the hell? :)

        2. We were there last week with two guests from Italy.
          The food was excellent.
          One of our guests raved about the Elk steak.
          He had never eaten elk.
          The rack of lamb was tender and perfectly cooked to med.-rare as requested.
          We go about every six weeks or so, but no longer.
          Our guest the lady, got gave our server her c.c. (don't know when).
          When my hub. went to server to present the card he was told, "too bad I put it through". When my hub. suggested that he tear it up and start again, as they were our guests from Italy, the response was "tough luck".
          Hubbie was so mad that he told our ladyfriend that Canadians add 10% to bill, the server came back, embarrassed her, and asked in a really sarcastic tone "didn't you enjoy your meal".
          So, alas we won't be returning.

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