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Nov 4, 2006 06:08 AM

Congolese beer?

So European imperialists & emigrants spread their various beer-making techniques over lots of the world... German lagers in Mexico, Italian ditto in Ethiopia, British stouts in Jamaica... are there Belgian style brews in Congo? Anyone sampled them? Are they available in the US?

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  1. Unfortunately, the African continent is a beer wasteland.

    1. Ok, now that's just silly. I have tasted two delicious Ethiopian beers, and there are various indiginous millet beers, and Michael Jackson has given the thumbs up to some South African beers. I poked around and found that there *was* at least one Beligian style brewery in Congo, but it was destroyed during one of their civil wars. I'm wondering if there are others.

      1. Are you thinking of Primus? It was there awhile ago, but I don't know if it still is. I wouldn't consider it a belgian style brew. More like a lager. Most all the breweries on the continent are owned by foreign companies and the majority of people consuming the beer are expats or very wealthy Africans. Personally, I found the place to be a beer wasteland. Great destination, cool experiences, but not a place for a beer lover.

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          Perhaps it's not the place a beer lover yearns to visit, but Africa does have some interesting beers. I've had Hakim Stout and Guinness in Ethiopia, and Togo has produced some nice German-style lagers with the Ngoma label (not sure if they still make these beers).

        2. I am currently in the Congo in the village of Kole. I have tried three beers since I've arrived Primus, Skol and Dopple. Doppel is outstanding. Dark and stout but I can't even find it when I google it. If anyone knows where to get this in the states I would love to know.