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Nov 4, 2006 03:28 AM

Okay, looking Branchetto d'Acqui

Okay, I posted about a day ago looking for a red Muscato d'Asti, when a fellow chowhoud pointed out that I'm actually looking for Branchetto d'Acqui. SO, do anyone know where I can find it in the GTA? ( It's a sparkling Italian Red made in Piedmont, somwhat similar to the Muscato, only I find that it has more personality.... )

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  1. In fact I believe the wine is called Brachetto d'Acqui, rather than Branchetto. Last time I purchased it was from an LCBO at Queen and Coxwell in Toronto, a couple of years ago. Searching the Vintages website I do not see it listed, so probably it is currently unavailable. Definitely a great wine to serve on Valentine's Day, and one that actually pairs well with chocolate. Keep searching from time-to-time, it will reappear.

    1. My notes show it was last available in Februry 2005 - none released at all in 2006. Hope for next Valentine's Day

      1. grapebrands is the agent for this product just email themand they will prob. deliver it to your front door. i think there website is but his email is

        1. Also look for sparkling Lambrusco from a similar region of northern Italy. Both are great options for antipasto pairings. If in a true bind and dont mind comprimising...add a fresh young rich italian red like dolcetto or barbera to prosecco.