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Nov 4, 2006 03:23 AM

Time and temp for roasting a turkey leg?

Well, there's not much else. Do I just time it like a whole turkey? The leg I have is two pounds.

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  1. Thigh and drumstick in one piece?

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    1. re: Sarah

      Yes. I just now stuck it in a 450 degree oven and turned the heat down to 325. I figure I'll visit it in twenty minutes to start basting, and checking for doneness in around forty. Unless someone out there pipes up pretty quick and proposes otherwise.

      1. re: noahbirnel

        I'd let it go for at least an hour...after a smear of oil or butter and plenty of s&p. Let us know what you end up doing. It's always been a mystery for me with turkey parts!

    2. ok, I followed Joy for a whole turkey, roughly. 450 oven, but I turned down to 300 instead of 325 - 350, and ended up cooking 1 hr 15 mins (35 mins / lb, not 20) to an internal temperature of 190 f, not 180. It looks beautiful, and smells great to me, but my vegetarian wife is nauseated by the smell, so I don't get to sample it right now. So the taste report is tomorrow. (Which is when I like roast turkey best anyway.)