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Nov 4, 2006 01:34 AM

T-Bones Chophouse at Red Rock Resort (casino) Las Vegas

Nancy and I ate here last Tuesday. What a letdown. Nancy ordered three apps instead on an entree and the waiter brough them all at once. The crab was good, the mac and cheese were OK, but the oysters Rockafeller (sp) were very good. She did not want them all at once. I had the bone-in rib-eye--I was disappointed. I had the same steak at Stripsteak at Mandalay Bay two days before and there was no comparison. The rib-eye at Stripsteak was soo much better. The meat at T-Bones just did not have a good beefy taste. The waiter had an off-putting manner (difficult to explain) that I did also did not enjoy. I would not eat here again.

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  1. John,
    I second your opinion about T-Bones. We must have had the same waiter. Our dining experience was less than stellar.
    There are many better choices for the money.
    The steaks were mediocre and so were the sides. We enjoyed Craftsteak @ MGM, Capital Grill, Delmonico's....and do look forward to Stripsteak!

    1. Had a business dinner at T-Bones mon night. I concur with the both of you folks. I wish I had checked this post prior to reserving, but was curious nonetheless.

      I had the bone-in ribeye and my client had the filet. Prior to ordering, I asked the waiter how it would be prepared. He mentioned that they marinated the meat (compared with just salt/pepper). Given that it was my first time there, I let them run with it. I have to say that the meat quality was just not there, very bland and not well marbled. Maybe that's why they marinate to force flavor for a poor meat quality. Although, it was a pretty big hunk of meat.
      Overall, very disappointed, particularly since I drove all the way over there to eat.

      My favorites continue to be Delmonicos (Venetian), BOA (Forum Shops) and Craftsteak (MGM).