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Nov 4, 2006 01:07 AM

Cute new bakery on Atlantic near Nevins

I've passed by on the bus several times---It looks promising. I know they've taken a long time to open retail but seemed busy in the back for a long time. Has anyone been? I don't see a name.

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  1. It's called Betty. We had an apple pastry and a plum pastry from there. They were both very tasty.

    The bakery is in the front of a long time catering operation. Before that, the owner had a restaurant (Lisanne) at that spot. It was the first upscale restaurant that we ate at when we moved to the neighborhood 20 years ago. The restaurant couldn't make it at that time. They gave up before the young people with money to spend moved in.

    By the way, while they only have pastries now, they say they do intend to be baking bread as well in the near future.

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      Lisanne was a fine restaurant - we were sorry when they closed.
      At that time, purveyers of, say, creme brulee were few and far between in Brooklyn.

      1. re: bobjbkln

        Does Betty have an eating area, or only a counter? And is it open at night? I've been dying for a great dessert place where you can sit after dinner.

        1. re: iwantcake

          It's just a takeaway bakery - no seating that I saw.

          There're places all over Brooklyn like what you're referring to - The Chocolate Room on 5th, for instance. The best, though, is Room 4 Dessert in Manhattan.

        2. re: bobjbkln

          Betty is not run by the owner of Lisanne, it's run by a well known baker of wedding cakes, whose name escapes me. The building is owned by the Lisanne people.

          1. re: jakeyd

            Must be Cheryl Kleinman Cakes, which shares the same address (448 Atlantic).

            1. re: squid kun

              Correct, Kleinman it is. Had the Cinnamon Challah twist on Saturday, very tasty, not too sweet, good texture

        3. A decent bakery in this area would be amazing! I had just decided that I should start making the trek down to D.U.M.B.O. to Almondine for their baguettes - but if this place has the chops...

          I also hope that they do apple brown betties - I've also thought of them as unsung heroes of the dessert world.

          1. We've tried a few baguettes and they're fine but didn't wow. A raisin challah roll and coffee made a nice breakfast, though. And they're very friendly...

            1. I have been several times and I'm sure they now refer to me as the crazy lady who wants them to stay open at night. And yes, they are very friendly.

              I have had the cupcakes, apple pie, tea breads, and just plain old cookies, and they are all really terrific. The apple pie that we brough home for Thanksgiving was truly the best we could remember--very fresh, not too sweet and not gooey at all.

              As for the breads, they get those from Amy's...those are the only things they outsource.