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Nov 4, 2006 12:33 AM

what do you do with persimmons?

I love fuyu persimmons. I've eaten them as whole fruit and I've made jam. There must be other ways I can eat persimmons. What do you do with them?

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  1. I make a nice curried soup. Very pretty, as well as yummy. SO makes pudding that's wonderful with a little milk for breakfast. Actually, I've been asking him to make one today.

    1. Persimmon pudding with walnuts! It's a steamed cake, usually served with whipped cream.

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        So good and persimmon pulp from the wild native persimmons are available locally in the form of frozen pulp from Dillman Farms (look for them on the web), makes prep really easy.

      2. love persimmons! persimmon cookies are really good. you can use persimmons in any pumpkin recipe easily.

        1. Do the fuyus cook up as well as the hachiyas? I've always heard the latter specified for baking, etc.

          1. There is a fuyu persimmon, pomegrante and hazelnut salad in Sunday Suppers at Lucques that is fantastic.