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Yummy in Yosemite?

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I am in Yosemite for a few days, then will drive through Tioga and to Mammoth for opening day. Aside from the legendary Mobile Station at the 395 and Tioga...any suggestions???

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  1. Had a good burger & beer at the Iron Door Saloon in Groveland (on the 120 just west of the park).


    1. I believe I read that Woow Nellie closed for the winter last weekend, but call to make sure.
      (760) 647-1088

      1. here was my post that Whoa Nellie Deli is closed for the season beginning Oct 29, 2006 (with pics):

        maybe you can try Nicely's Restaurant in Lee Vining instead and report back. I'd be curious what you think of it.

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          Nicely's is pretty much your typical diner food. Nothing fancy, but no-nonsense as well. It pales in comparison to Whoa Nellie Deli though. I'm curious how the BBQ/grill place is though. Anyone try that?

        2. If nothing else, the Iron Door Saloon is definitely a good place for a beer (or two...)

          1. Also be aware that Tioga is now nearing its winter closure, typically it can happen anytime after Halloween.

            There have been a couple of short closures already and the Park Service now lists the road conditions as "call" meaning they are changing quickly.

            Current forecast is for snow on Wed and Sat this week. Mammoth opening day is Thursday. I hope it stays open for you until then.

            1. Just came through Tioga today; it's still open and beautiful.

              Had brunch at the Awahnee this a.m. What a gorgeous building. The food was decent, service good. Huge brunch with everything from shrimp with ice sculptures to applewood bacon, cheeses, blintzes, etc. Pretty expensive, $35 a person, but worth it after a few days in the back country. Seeing the fall colors outside the two story tall windows is magnificent. I was there JUST in time for the change of leaves and it was magical.

              Hoped to have lunch at the Mobil restaurant at the 395 and Tioga, but it's closed for the winter; alas.

              Mammoth dry as a bone, but opening day still Thursday and they are blowing snow.