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Sharpening Serrated Knives

Anyone know how to sharpen a serrated edged knife?

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  1. grinding wheel, and put a straight edge on it....... Otherwise, a dowel with sandpaper that fits the dips. Dave explains it with some pictures at http://www.knifeforums.com/forums/sho...

    1. You can buy serrated knofe sharpening devices from various vendors. Here's one

      A dowel with sandpaper is probably the equivalent and costs maybe $1.

      1. I knew there was no easy answer. Someone should invent an easier way. Thanks you two.

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          There is an easier way. I've been using ceramic crock sticks for years and they are easy to use and make a great edge on all types of blades; serrated, hollow ground, straight, etc. It consists of two round ceramic rods and a wooden base. The rods fit into the base making a vee and you draw the blade across the inside of the vee one side at a time. The better ones come with two sets of rods. A brand you can look for is the Lansky Professional Crock Stick Knife Sharpener, LK-LCSPR. I've seen it for less than $30. online. It has a built in hand guard.

        2. I have been dragging the knife across my sharpening steel just like sharpening a conventional knife. Its a little crude and may ultimately shorten the knife's life a little but I have been doing this for probably 20 years on our henkels and wustof knives and still getting a very good edge, including a meat slicing, wavy bread slicing and toamto/sausage blade. Much easier than anything else and these knifes get less use so not done all that often. There are some japanese water stone sharpeners in my wood working catatlogs thet are round or convex shaped and look like they may do a real fine sharpening job, might get one the next time I order something.

          1. Many serrated knives have a serrated edge and a straight edge. I gently sharpen the straight side on a steel or a whetstone, and this sharpens the blade quite nicely.

            1. Let's not overlook the absolute easiest way to sharpen a serrated -- take it to a professional knife sharpener! A shop with a professional system is going to give you back knives so sharp you won't recognize them. And be careful -- when I got my first batch back, they were so much sharper than new that I nicked myself quite a few times. These knives won't casually bounce off your finger and spin in a lazy circle if you bump one while it rests on its side on the cutting board -- they'll greedily dig in.

              1. I just purchased a Chef's Choice Model 130 electric sharpener. Haven't used it yet, but it's top rated in the November Cook's Illustrated, and it's suitable for serrated edges.


                1. You are going to laugh at this one. Take a chainsaw file and file the beveled side. Take a flat stone and lay the other side on it and drag it around until the burr you made with the chainsaw file is worn off.

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                    Thanks. This is a great suggestion.