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ATK The Best 30-Minute Recipe

Has anyone tried any recipes from it? With 3 kids under 4, I am always looking for quick but good dinner recipes and I find that ATK recipes are usually good. I wondering if I need to add this to my ever growing cookbook collection.

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    1. Is that the same as the Cook's Illustrated folks?

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        yep, sorry the atk thing waas unclear-- it's cook's illustrated/america's test kitchen

      2. Is this a new one? Sounds promising - The Best Recipe has taken my Joy of Cooking's spot as first go-to book

        1. I don't have the book(yet) but from the TV show I've made their Skillet Lasagne - quick, easy, and delicious.

          1. I haven't made anything from it yet, but I do like how in addition to the recipes, almost every page has a tip or kitchen shortcut with diagrams, a product review, or an ingredient review (best blender, best tuna, etc.)

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              I actually went through it last night, and was surprised at how many of these 30-minute recipes I want to do because they sound so good! First is either one of the salads with the cranberry vinaigrette, or the 30-minute chicken tagine with apricots, garbanzo beans, and garam marsala.

            2. I have: The Best Recipe, The New Best Recipe, The Best Recipe-American Classics and The Best Light Recipe.
              They are fantastic. They're the first books I turn to most of the time. All the recipes are easy to follow and every page has a tip or an explanation of something in the recipe.
              What I really like is they give you the story of how the recipe evolved. If they use half and half they'll explain why heavy cream or whole milk didn't work. They'll explain why such and such is doing what it's doing.
              It's one part cook book, one part text book.

              So I would suggest that it's well worth picking up in your situation.


              1. rubee- for really easy chicken dish, have you ever made adobo chicken- (the national dish of the phillippines how DO you spell that?) chickn thighs with soy, vinegar, bay leaf, garlic, peppercorns, water. if you want recipe, i'll post it.
                wicked easy and fairly tart; i am acidic-dependent.

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                  Yes I have. I had a Filipino friend who used to make this with okra that was so good. I actually had a craving earlier this year and scoured the Internet trying to find a recipe. It was just okay, so I would LOVE your recipe. Thanks so much!