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Nov 3, 2006 09:14 PM

Oliver's Twist - is it open? Seattle

Does anyone know if Oliver's Twist up on Greenwood is open yet? I think they were supposed to open last month. But I drove by not too long ago and it hadn't opened.

Any info would be appreciated!

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  1. I recently read that it's supposed to open in a week or so . . . should be a great addition to the area! Let us know what you think if you make it there soon.


    1. Last Sun (10/29)the Chef/owner was plunking down a wad of $$ for some great cheeses from Estrella Creamery at the Ballard Farmer's Market and he said they were going to open that Thur. (11/3). I'm don't know if they did though. At the very least they're going to have some great cheeses.

      1. Their phone message says they open the 8th, with a grand opening party the 11th.

        1. hey!! where is the location? and i love that name- oliver's twist. charming.

          1. On Greenwood Ave at about 70th/71st or so. On the east side of the street. It's named for the owners' son.

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              The owner's son is named Twist? Quelle domage!