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Nov 3, 2006 09:10 PM

Review - Ollie's Broadway (1991 BROADWAY , 212-595-8181)

Review - Ollie's Broadway (1991 BROADWAY , 212-595-8181)

It's ok if you are in a hurry. It's well located on the UWS and is quick and inexpensive. That being said the dumplings aren't that good although the soups are ok. The take out area / waiting area is pretty uncharming. I guess if you need to see a movie and are pressed for time, it works.


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  1. Blech.

    This Ollies is, in my opinion, one of the worst Chinese restaurants in Manhattan. OK, you're right, it is quick and inexpensive. But I wouldn't eat there again unless they paid me a considerable amount

    Not that there any really GOOD Chinese places on the UWS.....unless they are hiding

    1. Horrible place with zero service and overly-salty food. A bad way to end a good night the last and only time I went. Is the Ollie's chain all like this, or did I catch them on a bad night? - because many people seem to be recommending Ollie's on other threads I've read.

      1. The one in Times Sq. is quite a bit better; although still not great last time I went (admittedly that was years ago). There have been threads about Ollies more recently saying the Times Sq branch was decent.

        1. That outpost is noteworthily worse than either of the other two. IMO, Lincoln Center is best, TS is OK if you're in the area, the one on in th 80s, is really quite awful.

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            i agree: the lincoln center location is better than the others. the red roast pork, soup dumplings, and white turnip cake are actually decent, there.

          2. About 8 years ago, I got something there for lunch, and it came with a bonus: a cigarette butt, tucked inside the noodles. yum. i guess i don't really have to say, I've not been back. I wonder why sowmone would put up a post about a mediocre chain restaurant, complete with phone number and address, only to say it's mediocre? Anyone want to review McDOnald's or TGI Friday's?