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Nov 3, 2006 09:04 PM

CHINESE restaurant - Ginger Fish

There's a dish I had in Ann Arbor, Michigan awhile ago - called Ginger Fish - at a Chinese restaurant that served somewhat of upscale Chinese food. It was the best thing I ever had!!! I got back home and tried to look everywhere to see if there was anything close to it, but haven't had any luck at all...

I'll try to describe what it was... lightly battered (close to tempura batter) fish (don't know what kind) with a slightly sweet sauce, ginger flavored - with some vegetables.

Please help!!!

I heard Peking Gourmet has great Chinese food - do you think they have something like it?

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  1. I tasted something similar several years ago at Peking Gourmet. I think it's the "whole fish with vegetables"

    1. I've had a similar dish (the fish was whole, but the meat was easy to pick off in chunks) at several restaurants, and have usually seen it called "crispy whole fish". Hope this helps a little.