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Nov 3, 2006 08:51 PM

New to Roseville, CA (Sac area)

Howdy, I'm looking for good restaurants and markets in the Roseville/Sac vicinity. In the restaurant area I'm hunting for dim sum, sushi, tapas, breakfast, mexican, etc., pretty much everything. I'm spoiled by great sushi so the fish has to be the freshest, even if the offerings are less than traditional. I've been to Tres Hermanas in Sac for mexican fare and it was awesome, just like being back in Oaxaca! In terms of markets, I need a good asian grocery, latino market and a good place to get cheese. I visited Ikedas near Auburn and was thoroughly impressed.


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  1. Mikuni is great with very fresh fish. Cafe Bernado is great too. Both by the theaters on Eureka rd.

    For italian try Granitos on Douglas just past Auburn Folsom. Very garlicky, so beware. the chef changes the menu daily, uses fresh ingredients, is a HOOT!.

    Next door is Lakeside Wines and Liquors. tastings (2 bucks)on Friday and Sat nights with different vintners represnted every week and some good deals.

    For Mexican, try Carmelitas on Riversdie. To me, the best chicken enchiladas ever.

    For breakfast go to Rocklin to the Gold Miner. Best breakfast in the Sacramento area.

    1. Keep exploring! Try Puerto Azul in west sac - great Mexican seafood. There are also a lot of other good ethnic eateries in West Sac, and the area is often overlooked. Vientiane (check the boards) is excellent too. Also, there are a dozen fantastic Chinese and Viet restaurants along the Stockton Blvd. corridor, and several more on Franklin; several great Mexican places on Franklin, too.

      Try Aioli Bodega Espanol for decent tapas and great service. While Tapa the World may be more authentically Spanish, the food at Aioli is twice as good for the same price.

      1. Go to Denio's Roseville Auction (please don't ask me for directions....ask anyone in town; they'll know. Its near the train tracks....). Its open weekends only. There is a 50 cent charge to enter, but if you pay for parking in their lot ($1.00) they don't charge. Believe me, its worth it. This is the largest produce market in Northern California, maybe in the entire state. You will find lots of Mexican ingredients as well: tortillas, pan dulce, spices, etc. There are lots of "exotic" fruits and veggies, and everything is priced right. In fact, downright cheap. If you go Sunday pm and speak a little Spanish, you can bargain for even cheaper prices. And if you go, stop first at "La Bamba" tamale stand in the "Auction World" market across the street from Denio's. All they serve are tamales and soft drinks. They have about ten varieties of tamales, all delicious....but if you show up after 11am, they are likely to be sold out of everything but chicken and maybe pork. And if you show up after 1pm, you'll find them shuttered......

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          Hit the farmers market under the freeway on Sunday mornings...there is also a smaller asian farmers market a block away.

          Go to 65th and Stockton for lots of asian options...huge asian grocery store there and lots of places to eat.

          I go to Taylors Market on Freeport for fresh fish and a great butcher shop. There is The Nugget in West Sac..another good choice for a market...and Corti Brothers on Folsom. We have a great Food Co-op on Alhambra and S Street. New Canton for dim sum...but a great asian friend says there aren't any REALLY good dim sum places in Sac.

          Welcome to Sacramento! Melly

          1. We like Piatti Restaurant. I had one of the best pork chops in my lifetime there.

            1. Thanks to everyone. Great info. I'll try some of your recommendations and give some feedback.