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New to Roseville, CA (Sac area)

Howdy, I'm looking for good restaurants and markets in the Roseville/Sac vicinity. In the restaurant area I'm hunting for dim sum, sushi, tapas, breakfast, mexican, etc., pretty much everything. I'm spoiled by great sushi so the fish has to be the freshest, even if the offerings are less than traditional. I've been to Tres Hermanas in Sac for mexican fare and it was awesome, just like being back in Oaxaca! In terms of markets, I need a good asian grocery, latino market and a good place to get cheese. I visited Ikedas near Auburn and was thoroughly impressed.


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  1. Mikuni is great with very fresh fish. Cafe Bernado is great too. Both by the theaters on Eureka rd.

    For italian try Granitos on Douglas just past Auburn Folsom. Very garlicky, so beware. the chef changes the menu daily, uses fresh ingredients, is a HOOT!.

    Next door is Lakeside Wines and Liquors. tastings (2 bucks)on Friday and Sat nights with different vintners represnted every week and some good deals.

    For Mexican, try Carmelitas on Riversdie. To me, the best chicken enchiladas ever.

    For breakfast go to Rocklin to the Gold Miner. Best breakfast in the Sacramento area.

    1. Keep exploring! Try Puerto Azul in west sac - great Mexican seafood. There are also a lot of other good ethnic eateries in West Sac, and the area is often overlooked. Vientiane (check the boards) is excellent too. Also, there are a dozen fantastic Chinese and Viet restaurants along the Stockton Blvd. corridor, and several more on Franklin; several great Mexican places on Franklin, too.

      Try Aioli Bodega Espanol for decent tapas and great service. While Tapa the World may be more authentically Spanish, the food at Aioli is twice as good for the same price.

      1. Go to Denio's Roseville Auction (please don't ask me for directions....ask anyone in town; they'll know. Its near the train tracks....). Its open weekends only. There is a 50 cent charge to enter, but if you pay for parking in their lot ($1.00) they don't charge. Believe me, its worth it. This is the largest produce market in Northern California, maybe in the entire state. You will find lots of Mexican ingredients as well: tortillas, pan dulce, spices, etc. There are lots of "exotic" fruits and veggies, and everything is priced right. In fact, downright cheap. If you go Sunday pm and speak a little Spanish, you can bargain for even cheaper prices. And if you go, stop first at "La Bamba" tamale stand in the "Auction World" market across the street from Denio's. All they serve are tamales and soft drinks. They have about ten varieties of tamales, all delicious....but if you show up after 11am, they are likely to be sold out of everything but chicken and maybe pork. And if you show up after 1pm, you'll find them shuttered......

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          Hit the farmers market under the freeway on Sunday mornings...there is also a smaller asian farmers market a block away.

          Go to 65th and Stockton for lots of asian options...huge asian grocery store there and lots of places to eat.

          I go to Taylors Market on Freeport for fresh fish and a great butcher shop. There is The Nugget in West Sac..another good choice for a market...and Corti Brothers on Folsom. We have a great Food Co-op on Alhambra and S Street. New Canton for dim sum...but a great asian friend says there aren't any REALLY good dim sum places in Sac.

          Welcome to Sacramento! Melly http://www.sacramentofoodgroup.org

          1. We like Piatti Restaurant. I had one of the best pork chops in my lifetime there.

            1. Thanks to everyone. Great info. I'll try some of your recommendations and give some feedback.

              1. I second the suggestion for Denio's. It's such an amazing place! I went there weekly (Too bad I can't find anything like that now -- I no longer live in California. Oh, how I miss Roseville!)

                Here are the restaurants I would go back to in a heartbeat. . .if I wasn't now 2,000 miles away. . . *sniff*

                La Fiesta Taqueria (Citrus Heights)
                Max's Restaurant (Roseville)
                Pasta Pomodoro (Granite Bay)
                Claim Jumper (Roseville)
                Daphne's Greek (Roseville)
                Fresh Choice (Roseville)
                Romano's Macaroni Grill (Roseville)
                Beach House Deli (Rocklin, I think. Maybe Roseville)
                Pick Up Stix (Roseville)

                *sigh* Now there's some good eatin'. I really need to get myself out of this frozen Midwest!

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                  With the exception of La Fiesta and Max's, don't they have all those chains in the midwest?

                2. The problem is that Roseville is pretty much done up with Chains...Yeah Whole Foods, Nugget, Peets, and a few other places are brewing up, but pound for pound you are better off heading off to Sacramento for the decent things. The Asian grocery stores are all in Sacramento--nothing in Roseville--no decent dim sum, tapas, or the like. Best bets are the Mexican: El Sombrero, San Jose, etc...The new butcher/market/Peets in Granite Bay has some very serious potential when it opens up in a few weeks...I'll report back.

                  1. A Chefs' Affair Fine Catering & Cafe the best for lunch and gourmet to go..the food is fresh made daily, the deli case is stocked full of signature salads Chicken Madras served in a wrap or on a bed of baby green, meatloaf sandwitch that is off the hook, home made soups, and a five layer lasagna, the best coffee Iilly, and Segafredo for Italy, a Pastry Chef that makes all desserts from scratch, wines from local wine makers they are all about slow-cooked foods and supporting local grown, the Chef teaches cooking classes 2nd Tuesday of every month they are so fun we eat, drink, and laugh. A Chefs Affair is mostly known for catering services Corporate/Private Events but you can get platters ordered to go for a quick to impress.

                    1. I'm chimin in too about Denio's. It's a wonderful place and the things you can find there, other than food, are so interesting. I bought two turkey roaster, the old really old chipped enameled kind for like $3 each. That was long ago and I still use them all the time. The food there, that you buy to take home and prepare yourself, or eat there, you won't be disappointed.

                      Most importantly, on the main OLD STREET by the railroad tracks in old town Roseville, not by Granite Bay at all, there is the BEST sausage EVER. Is it Orsini's or Orsi's? Look it up, go there, then stock up, it stupid good! :)

                      1. Denios...The tacos at Jimboys in Auction town (on the corner of Church and Atkinson) are amazing. Much better than the Jimboys locations around town.

                        At Folsom/Auburn abd Douglas is a great Italian deli (Dominicks) and a fantaastic wine shop (Lakeside liiquors) that has Friday and Saturday wine tasings featuring different wines every week.

                        1. I found this little jem of a sushi spot in Rocklin just off Rocklin Rd. called UMISAKA SUSHI. It's a family owned place and their fish has always been consistently fresh with great service. I always stop by for some albacore and their signature "sake fin" whenever I go back to Sacramento. http://local.yahoo.com/readreviews?id...

                          1. good man blumatrix! Ohhh....you HAVE to check out UmiSaka Sushi. It's so awesome. If you want consistent food AND a value, definitely check them out. The hostess/owner is super cute and really treats you like part of the family. HIGHLY recommend this place!

                            1. I realize this is a little late since you posted and you probably have already found everything but we just moved here and I have done some extensive shopping and eating out already and read all the replies to your post so far:

                              Cheese: you mentioned cheese! My favorite thing! The BEST place to get the biggest variety of gourmet cheeses is the new Nugget Market on Pleasant Grove Blvd, north of SR-65 past the Galleria. This market blew me away. Their cheese selection rocks. The only thing they didn't have was my favorite Cowgirl Creamery Mt. Tam and St. Pat's cheeses from Marin County (but I will tell you later on where to get that if you haven't tried it yet). They have Humboldt Fog, Pt. Reyes Blue and tons of other great cheeses - incredible selection. And for the rest of your shopping - The Nugget is the place.

                              Ikedas in Auburn is a great place for fruit, nuts, pies and has been a mainstay for us travelling from the Bay Area to Lake Tahoe for decades BUT the BEST fruit and pie is right across I-80 from Ikedas - Machado's. Incredible fruit pies, hot out of the oven and they are so tasty. You can also just get a slice of pie and ice cream too. Way better than any other pie you will ever taste. Their fruits and vegetables are unbelievable. It's a smaller place than Ikedas and easier to manuever inside (i.e not a ton of tourists coming through). Look for the big white blimp flying overhead that says "Machados".

                              Thai Food - Jitra Thai in this little plaza at East Roseville Parkway and Sierra College. Jitra started her restaurant in San Francisco's sunset district and opened this one up in Granite Bay because she said she wanted to move somewhere warmer! Her food is excellent - the best Thai I have had since moving from the SF Bay Area. Her SF place is still open and run by her brother.

                              Sushi - haven't gotten over there yet but I have heard rave reviews and tons of recommendations for Osaka Sushi located on Stanford Ranch Road. Hopefully getting there this weekend.

                              Breakfast - someone mentioned below the Gold Miner Cafe on Pacific St in Rocklin. It's now called the Granite Rock Grill. Huge portions, excellent breakfast/brunch. My omelette was perfect, the potatoes perfect and they serve huge glasses of nice, cold iced tea with lots of ice (you need that here!) I will mention another place when discussing the Quarry Pond Center.

                              Pizza - Foscos and Dominicks. Fosco's is a very authentic Italian deli/cafe - not fancy, no frills. Excellent choices of Italian deli items. Authentic very simple thin crust pizzas that come in only one size. Personally I like Dominick's pizza better - more variety of stuff on the pizza for me. Donimick's sandwiches are very tasty. Fosco's is on Sierra College just past Douglas and Dominick's is at the southeast corner of Auburn Folsom Rd and Douglas.

                              Quarry Pond Center - on Douglas past all the fast food/retail centers towards Auburn Folsom Road on the right side. The anchor is the new Peet's Coffee which, refreshingly like the two other new Peets that have opened in Roseville area, is clean and nice and big - as opposed to the crowded, crazed, dirty floors, screaming barristas, rude customers that shove you aside and homeless people helping themselves to all the milk and half-and-half for the coffee - I am not kidding you. Plus the people that work there are SO nice! No snobby attitudes - just lots of smiles and helpfullness! (this is something that I have noticed up here that is different from the Bay Area, especially Marin County). Moving on...the center has an organic farmer's market set-up with fruits and vegies, organic pastas and sauces, beans, lentils things like that plus they carry Clover Stornetta dairy products - if you have ever had a glass of Clover milk you will never buy anything else. There is something about those Petaluma cows that produce the best milk on the planet. Ditto for their organic yogurts. There is also a big meat and poultry butcher there - and I mean huge! Tons of selections but pricey. Personally I like the butcher shop at the Nugget Market better. There is Sammy Sausage which serves up great hot dogs with all the great trimmings. There is a great little cheese place in there, too and they carry Cowgirl Creamery that I mentioned above. Pizza Antica - the upscale pizza joint that hails from my home town, Marin County. When I told someone at home that Pizza Antica opened up there they said "Are you kidding me? Why would they want to go THERE?" (this is exactly one reason I moved - attitudes like that). Pizza Antica is really good, great atmosphere and looks out onto the Pond with these beautiful Snowy White Egrets flying by all the time. Then there is a breakfast/brunch place called Toast that has the same nice view plus lots of outdoor seating. They just opened so the jury is out. The first time I was there they served me iced tea in a sad, small little glass with two melting ice cubes. However my omelette was pretty darn good - avocado, bacon and tomato. Yum. Second visit was interesting. The iced tea came in a huge, frosty glass with tons of ice but my eggs benedict came in a very sorry state of runniness and hollandaise that had separated! Yikes! The service is spotty - they definetly have potential and have to work the kinks out - I will keep going back though. I like the atmosphere and I am sure things will get better. They do have appetizers and drinks at night plus music so that's cool.

                              Whew....I think that's about it for now. I am still looking, like you (or maybe you have found one) for a good Asian market but I don't want to drive to downtown Sac. There has to be one up here that we just don't know about yet!

                              1. Hi there again! Well we have been in search of good sushi places in the general Roseville area. Mikuni was highly recommended. We got take out. BTW, the place is hopping on weekend nights with lots of young people, lots of crazy fun but pretty noisy! We were not impressed with the sushi at all. We will probably give it another go but it was not what we were used to being served in terms of sushi. First it was a tad on the warm side and except for Unagi, I like my sushi to be a little on the cold side (i.e. raw fish should be cold!). We were not crazy with the goopy sauce that all the sushi rolls were drenched in - sort of covered up the taste of the fresh fish - I think I read about this "goopy sauce" thing on another forum - maybe a new trend in sushi prep? And pricey on top of all that. Hmmmm....definetly not like our fav Sushi Ko back in Larkspur. Last week I was shopping at the awesome Nugget market over on Pleasant Grove Blvd (nr. SR65). I hadn't seen before when shopping (the place is huge!) that they have a fresh sushi bar so I grabbed some "lunch" there and while it's not the same as going out for sushi at a restaurant, their sushi topped Mikuni's. I got 10 pieces of huge, fresh maguro, hamachi, sake and salmon - ice cold, freshly made right there in front of you, perfect flavor - all for $5.95. I was totally impressed. Our next sushi venture will be over to Osaka which, as I mentioned before, got some high marks on Yelp.com.

                                1. I'll try picking some that are closer to Roseville -

                                  Taqueria Jalisco, Rocklin, on Stanford Ranch road (I can't seem to find the place for a link, tried Jalisco Grill, just Jalisco... nothing. Maybe it's another state in Mexico) They also have a place in Roseville, but I'm not sure where it is. They're on the left in a shopping center, before the mega-church on the hill (going away from Roseville).

                                  The owners of La Favorita, La Fiesta, Taqueria Guadalajara have a place in Roseville, too - it might be El Parian - or not. I can't find it in the links, either.

                                  La Superior in Sacramento (one on Northgate in North Sac and another location South Sac) is good for Mexican ingredients if it's the wrong day for the swap meet.

                                  1. By far the best restaurant in Northern California is in Auburn, Ca called Carpe Vino. It is all farm to table. The food constantly amazes me. Menu changes weekly and they feature wine from around the area. Service is top notch. It is a small place open Wednesday - Saturday night, so make reservations. If you are into to great food this will be an amazing find for you. It truly on the level of anything in San Francisco.