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Nov 3, 2006 08:15 PM

Dio Deka is open in Los Gatos

Replacing the little mourned Kuletos, the newest addition to the downtown Los Gatos scene open on 11/1. Had a variety of dishes last night. Very attentive service. The food quality and presentation were good. The food is ostensibly Greek but is really more Californian emphasizing seasonal ingredients and smallish portions. The Greek salad was cleverly presented with a whirl of
romaine leaves (see what I mean), cherry tomatos (ditto) and a slab of grilled feta. The tzatziki was very tart and fresh tasting. The saganaki was sublimely bathed in a lemon sauce. The orzo and fries were fine, if not memorable. We will be back to try some main course dishes and reprot back.

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  1. We went for dinner and had lamb chops. They were fabulous, however I love my veggies, and they only gave us a small puddle of good swiss chard (that was smooth, and I prefer it sauteed, cut up...some texture) and the potatoes were 3 little pieces as big as 3 large french fries. I think veggies are cheap and I would have been happier considering the price. Around $33 I think. They give you a lot of meat.
    We also tried the 4 little spreads that came with wonderful toasted pita as an appetizer and they were very good.$16 I think.