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Nov 3, 2006 08:06 PM

Mermaid Inn lately?

Anyone been lately? What's good on the menu right now, anything to avoid, favorite wines, etc?

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  1. I went last weekend - pretty great as usual. It is always a very satisfying meal, and i like the back room quite a bit. Low point was the mussels, which I had as an entree (usually a great deal, a generous portion for only $8 or $9) - but several of the mussels were woefully undercooked and grossly briney. The spaghetti is always fantastic, and the fried clam salad starter was a new addition to the menu for me, and was delicious. and who doesn't love a fortune-telling fish?

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      . . .and free chocolate pudding!

      I like their lobster roll, and the fish+starch+vegetable dishes are consistently tasty in my experience.

      It's a great, simple, go-to late dinner place for my GF and me.

    2. I love Mermaid Inn... I always get the lobster sandwich, which is wonderful! Such a yummy bread that they use! And their Old Bay fries that come with it are awesome! The atmosphere is very laid back, which I like, and last time I was there, my server was fantastic. Very knowledgeable about the menu and the wine list - helped me choose a fantastic wine! I did get the mussels as an appetizer last time though, and I really wasn't wild about them. The little chocolate pudding is a perfect ending!