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Nov 3, 2006 07:44 PM

Indian food tonight-PDX

Im cravy indian food..Ive only been to a few places here in Portland need a restruant that has good chicken tikka masala, naan, pickle etc..and prefer something that stays open past 8p...time is the main thing as I can go earliest as 730p. thanks. prefer something on east side.

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  1. Is "nothing" an acceptable answer? Probably your best option is Bombay Cricket Club on Hawthorne and about 20th. It's not cheap, though, if that's what you're looking for. Entrees will be around $14 or $15, probably.

    If you got a limited selection of K2 Kebab's dishes -- the channa masala, the kebabs, especially the seekh kebab, the samosas, perhaps a couple other things -- you could do quite well. But a large portion of their menu is terrible. It's feast or famine there.

    Vindalho is another option, though it's a bit chichi and not usually what people are looking for when they have a specific request like yours.

    1. Ach - why my fellow Portlanders feel that the Bombay Cricket Club is an acceptable (let alone outstanding) Indian place is beyond me. Take it from an Indian, the restaurant has rude service and pretty poor fare for the price - somehow my stomach gets screwed up each time I eat there - I suspect excessive amounts of oil in the food.

      Portland has a shortage of good Indian food sadly. Vindalho is fun for "nouvelle Indian" I suppose. But, overall, I can't make a solid recommendation to you. You might have to look to Beaverton - where most Indians live (that's where Intel is) - for the real deal...

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        so what would you recommend in beaverton, to someone who wants a more casual atmosphere, reasonable prices, and a chef not afraid of heat/spice

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          This was from 2006. Vindalho didn't exist then. (Neither did Tandoor Indian Kitchen, Indish, East India, etc, etc, though they were looking for something on the east side.) If anyone knows a good Indian restaurant on the east side, I'd love to hear about it. Vindalho is the only one I'll go to, but it's not your typical take-out/buffet curry joint.

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            I don't mind India Grill, on E Burnside and 29th. It's not transcendental, but they do a decent curry.

            1. re: melogranato

              Can't stand India Grill. Food is icky, and the service slow and hostile.

        2. Someone needs to open an Indian restaurant in Northeast Portland. Are there any here? I can't think of any.

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          1. re: porky pine

            I cant think of any. But I suspect its for the same reason alluded to in previous posts, and for the same reason there are no good chinese in West Linn or Korean in Forest Grove. Good ethnic restaurants usually are found where there are a mass of that ethnicity living.