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Nov 3, 2006 07:43 PM

Prather or Golden Gate?

Hosting a dinner party tomorrow night, haven't decided on what exactly...will be heading to Ferry Building to do some shopping.
I've been going to GG but read some good things about Prather. I know much will depend on what's there...but if you were going to choose, do you have a preference?

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  1. I prefer Prather for beef and GG for everything else.

    1. GG has always given me great service. Knowledgeable, family-run, friendly. Haven't been to Prather in a while, but my recollection is that their products are pre-packaged, so if you want some additional butchering or a very specific amount of meat, GG may be a better choice.

      1. If you're shopping on Saturday, Marin Sun's at the market.

        1. bi-rite, on 18th Street, has Marin Sun beef daily now--only place in town. great news if you're looking for beyond organic, grass-finished steaks. it's all pre-cut though, and they don't have roasts or unusual cuts. just the classics--NY, Hanger, that sort of thing.

          1. If you're going on Saturday, you also have the choice of Niman Ranch out in the back. Go early and you're likely to find selections you won't find at Whole Foods or Trader Joe.

            Re Prather Ranch, two things to keep in mind are a/this is grass fed beef [so is Marin Sun BTW] so it's going to taste different (better to some, too lean to others) and b/the meat will be frozen, so allow time to get it home, defrost and plate-age.