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Nov 3, 2006 07:14 PM

Need rec for dinner: Midtown East

My dad has asked me for recs for dinner, and, alas, I am totally clueless when it comes to midtown east.

Location: East 42nd - East 22nd on between Lex & Madison.
Price: Moderate
Cuisine: Something "simple," as my Dad would say. American, French or Italian. Not too out there or crazy.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. That's not really midtown East, more like Murray Hill and Gramercy. You might get more responses with those headings - or can do a search for those 'hoods.

    My suggestion: A Voce; 11 Madison Park

    1. I would definitely not call the cuisine at Eleven Madison "simple"! Nor is the cost in the moderate range.

      A Voce's Italian cuisine is closer to simple though it is modern rather than traditional. The problem I had with A Voce is that when the room filled up, the noise level was atrociously high.

      La Petite Auberge, on Lex, b/t 27th & 28th Sts., is a favorite of ours when we're in the mood for solidly-prepared French bistro classics. We were just there the other night and, as usual, the food was excellent. One of the raps LPA gets is that the clientele skews "mature," but more and more younger people are discovering this restaurant's charms, and the night we were there, I saw several tables occupied by diners in that age group.

      Campanile, on 29th St., b/t Park Av. S. & Madison, is something of a hidden gem. They serve traditional Italian food that is well-prepared and delicious. Plus, the ambiance is very pleasant and comfortable.