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Nov 3, 2006 07:11 PM

Milwaukee for a night...

I will be flying into Milwaukee for one night... what restaurants do you reccommend? My price range is about $50/person.


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  1. For something in a uniquely Milwaukee atmosphere and a cuisine that you don't find everyday, I'd recommend Three Brothers, a Serbian place in an old Schlitz Tavern.

    1. Do a s earch here - you'll get some great ideas - Three Brothers definitely being one of them. Sounds like you want something a little more upscale, though, with that budget - narrow some ideas down/provide more info & we'll help.

      1. Thanks Gido/Torta Basilica...

        Three Brothers looks good.

        As far as more info... I just want good food. I am always pretty open to try new things... and I have not tried Serbian before... what are some staple dishes... and what would you recommend from their menu.

        Again... thank you.

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          Any of the bureks. Spinach, cheese, beef; they're all wonderful. Prepare to make an evening of it because everything is made from scratch when you order. But it's worth it. Relax, see how many different silverware patterns there are on your table, and enjot a Bip beer (last time I checked, Three Brothers was the only importer of this Serbian brew).

        2. I agree with Fydeaux on the bureks, which are big phyllo-dough pies... and they do take a long time. I would lean toward the spinach or cheese.

          There's usually some sort of goulash on the menu, and chevapchichi -- little grilled garlicky sausages. I also like their chicken soup, which tastes as homemade as you'll find in a restaurant.

          Here's a review:

          1. I definitely agree on Three Brothers. Those garlic sausages are delicious. But I always get the goose, it's really good and it's a rare dish to find on menus elsewhere.

            And after you're done eating, you're but a few blocks away from another unique Milwaukee joint -- At Random. It's a bar that serves only ice cream drinks. True to its name though, it might not be open when you stop by -- the owners open up whenever they care to, at random.