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Nov 3, 2006 07:09 PM

newbie cook: Freezing left over couscous?

I've never cooked couscous before, but I'm planning to make some for dinner... and all the amazing recipes on this board have me thinking. What if I make more than enough so I can reserve some as stuffing (for chicken, pork chops, etc.) later? Does it freeze well? I've got the plain one from Near East. Thanks!

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  1. I imagine that it would get mushy after you thawed it and it wouldn't have that "fluffy" consistency. Have you ever freezed pasta before? Because that is what cous cous basically is. I have never freezed pasta, so I wouldn't know what to tell you

    1. I've never frozen couscous, but honestly, it might take longer and be more of a hassle to defrost than to just make a new batch. (If you're talking plain, straight from the box, add to boiling water/off heat for 5 minutes couscous.)

      1. I usually make Couscous in large amounts and freeze some. I have never had a problem and it always turns out perfectly. Here is how I make it, you can increase the quantities:
        1 TBS Butter
        1 TBS EVOO
        2 cups Couscous
        1 3/4 -2 cups hot liquid (chicken stock or water flavored with salt, pepper and spices(I use ras al-hanout and cinnamon.)
        GARNISH: Slivered apricots,slivered toasted almonds,golden raisins,toasted pine nuts (use one or several)

        In a heavy skillet melt 1 TBS Butter and 1 TBS EVOO.
        Saute the Couscous over a low flame until it is all covered, but before it startes to brown.
        Add liquid off flame and cover tightly.
        Let stand 20-30 minutes.
        Stir with large spoon or large fook to separate anf fluff up the grains.
        If you are serving immediately, place in serving dish and sprinkle the garnish on top.
        If you are freezing, wait until the Couscous is COMPLETELY COLD. Spoon into freezer containers or into ZipLock Freezer bags and store in freezer.
        To use frozen Couscous, allow to come to room temperature, fluff again, and heat in a skillet. If you heat in microwave, heat UNCOVERED, just until hot. Garnish and serve.
        You don't want to add more moisture to your dish, so reheat carefully.

        1. Thanks for the input!