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Nov 3, 2006 07:01 PM

Anything decent in Merced?

I'll be spending a night and full day in Merced. Any knowledgeable locals have a good restaurant recommendation. Tasty food, of almost any stripe, is the only requisite. Thanks.

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  1. At the southwest corner of Yosemite Avenue & G Street, there's a shopping center with a taqueria that used to be pretty good. I haven't been to Merced in about three years, so I'm not even sure the restaurant is still there, but you might want to give it a was better than anything else I've eaten in Merced.

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      Thank you. It is all I have to go on, so I'll give it a shot.

    2. I may be too late to help you, but I had lunch this afternoon at the Courtyard Cafe - it's on 18th just south of M (corner of M and 18th is now Big Bad Bubba's BBQ - used to be the Firehouse).

      I have tried to eat here before but it was always too crowded at lunch. Today I waited to be seated - that took an inordinate amount of time given that I was a group of one and there was a table right in front of me that sat two. Other than that service was okay - they were slammed.

      I had 1/2 chicken sandwich and a salad. The chicken sandwich was basically chicken salald. It was good but the roll is was served on was awesome. I'm pretty sure it was baked this morning. Total was about $10 with iced tea. All in all a good experience and I can see why it's so busy.