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Nov 3, 2006 06:59 PM

Mandoline? any suggestions

I am looking for a mandoline. I know there are so many different ones - made of either metal, plastic or both. I would like one that cuts a wide range of sizes. I have heard that some of the best ones, from Asia/Japan are also less expensive? Does anyone have a favourite brand? help!

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  1. I bought an Oxo--reasonable price, and I generally like their products--but found it completely unable to cope with slicing a raw celery root. I returned it and went back to my Benriner, which has a very limited range of thickness settings but a good sharp blade.

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      Yep, stay away from the OXO. Worst kitchen purchase I ever made. I love all their other products but this one really was not thought out well at all. Flimsy, doesn't cut well, no instructions in the box, etc.

      I still haven't replaced it, dealing w/my chef's knife for now but I'll be paying attention to this thread for suggestions.

    2. I have a Swiss Moha with which I cannot adjust slicing thickness but use several times a week and have so for 15 + years and bought a $30 Norpro at TJMAxx which hardly ever gets used, it was just too much of a PITA to take it back. I have a major number of blades for my Cuisinart so the Norpro sits in the box in the bottom of the stack.

      1. Start with a plastic Benriner (for about $30) or a cheap knock-off (for $10-$15).
        It'll give you a couple of years of tough service and at that point you'll know whether
        you want to move up to a fancy $150 french one or just replace the cheap-o thing.

        If you do plan on heavy use, a detachable blade is helpful so you can sharpen it

        These things are dangerous -- the big mistake is not using the food holder and
        losing a little julienne off your fist. Be careful.

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        1. re: Chuckles the Clone

          This is a totally sensible reply.

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        2. I second the recommendation of the Benriner as a cheap and practical tool. And no mistake about the dangers, either; I took the most delicate and painless (at first) little wedge off the corner of my thumb while absent-mindedly gabbing with friends and creating super thin potatoes at the same time. Don't assume you can beat the odds - USE THE FOOD HOLDER.

          1. I have a Benriner and I love it. The blades are very good quality, and it's dirt cheap.