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Nov 3, 2006 06:39 PM

Decent baked goods in walking distance of downtown SM?

For whatever reason (sunset at a depressingly early 5pm anyone?), I have been seriously craving baked goods - everything from croissants to cakes to cookies. I work not too far from downtown SM and thought maybe a lunchtime stroll would be in order, but I can't think of anywhere that has really excellent baked goods in walking distance.

Any ideas?

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  1. Le Pain Quotiden?
    Jack and Jill's still open at 5?

    1. Best bet: Tudor House. All sorts of English baked stuff and sweets, lots of choices.

      Pain Quotidien is good too.

      Vienna Pastry is not bad (1215 Wilshire, a bit of a hike, maybe what you're looking for).

      You could check whatever they have at Leonidas, although personally I never get past the fabulous hot chocolate.

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        And I think Marina Pastries is very close to Vienna pastry, also on Wilshire, north side of the street.

      2. there's a new cupcake restaurant in the mall food court....with many different flavors next to hot dog on a stick...haven't tried it yet

        1. Le Pain Quotidien on one hand, Broadway Deli (a devil sin bar can lift the spirits!) on another - and Wednesday at Farmers Mkt: Rockenwagner Bakery last "booth" on SW Arizona