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Nov 3, 2006 06:33 PM

"Weird" Pizza Survey

So we don't cover the same ground as every other pizza post, let's exclude the four major varieties in the Bay Area Market: New York, Chicago Deep Dish, California, and Neapolitan.

In the Bay Area, if indeed it's possible, where do you find your favorite:


A friend swears by Provel, but I'm not convinced. Still, I've never tried it.


Not the same as a California Barbecue Chicken Pizza. This tends towards the cheddar cheese and beef side of...disgusting? You tell me.


Anybody serve a good green chile pie?


Though I'm sure the (Rhode Island) natives would disagree, for our purposes anybody using a grill on their pizza is probably sufficient.


I think pineapple on a pizza is insane sacrilege. Anybody know a pizza--hopefully, not from a chain--that will shut me up?


A New England specialty I haven't had in years. Very thick bubbly crust, cut in squares.


Zachary's is the only place I've seen it.


Cinecitta Bar and Roman Pizza is good. Next time I'll ask them to burn it, though.


IMO, what they're offering at Arinell's doesn't count.


Some people might call this cheating as this is smack dab in the middle of New York and Neapolitan territory. Still, I think it's sufficiently different to warrant its own category. I've heard good things about A16's.


I have a feeling I might be hearing it over lumping these three together. If you have three different places I'm all for it. The pepperoni stromboli at Lola's on Solano (Albany in the East Bay) makes a good and fast lunch.


What's the consensus on Zante? Is it worth spending the pizza portion of my caloric budget on Indian pizza? Or is Zante's even the best Indian pizza around?


Anybody want to fill us in on A La Turca? Or another place?


I liked Da Nino's in Berkeley the time I tried it. I guess the linguica makes it Brazilian-y. Is there a Brazilian willing to educate us?


I've been through Mexico a few times and found it hard to tear myself away from, well, Mexican food. But I have to say dipping pizza in hot sauce GROWS on you. Anybody?


Didn't see a category that fit your favorite? Well, I never miss an opportunity to sing the praises of Cheeseboard Pizza Collective's magnificent sauceless cheese bread. Great people, great pizza. Today is:


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  1. You can get a damn good calzone at Dopo in Oakland. Had a great pizza bianca there as well.

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    1. re: Morton the Mousse

      After recommending Gregoire's Philly Cheesesteak, you're on my hurry-to-try list. Thanks.

      A question about the pizza bianca: pesto or not? I'm open to both, but I tend to prefer not.


      1. re: Gerard

        The bianca I ate had amazing prosciutto, but no pesto. The menu changes daily so I can't say what will be available, though they always have a calzone. This time of year, they wont be using pesto because basil is out of season.

    2. Being from Boston (brookline/allston line to be exact), i have NO MEMORY of greek pizza being cut in squares. what i do have a memory of is very thick crust pizza with way way way too much cheese so that you need to wipe up the oil with extra napkins and then eat the pizza as quickly as possible while it is still super hot so the cheese doesn't solidify in to one solid chunk that slides off. Also the sauce needs to be way over spiced with oregano and dried basil and red pepper flakes so that you can actually taste it underneath all that cheese and with that hefty 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick crust.

      the best part about greek pizza was that they would dribble cheese so sloppily all over it that the crusts would get extra burnt cheese on them and that was the best part.

      Greek Pizza, pfeh. i seriously hope no one is trying to emulate that debacle of fast food...but that is just my opinion, and clearly i hated the stuff. I prefer T. Anthony's when i go back home for a visit.

      On a different note, while i have no idea what category this would fall in to:
      I went to Goat Hill on Monday for all you could eat pizza night and it was AWESOME. Their Portugese pizza is totally excellent and i can't wait to go back. The whole experience is like pizza dim sum nirvana and i think i ate my weight in pizza pie.

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      1. re: jupiter

        How did you like the sourdough crust? Never had it myself.


        1. re: Gerard

          I personally hate sourdough bread, but i have to admit, the crust at goat hill doesn't have any of that tangy flavor that I associate with sourdough.
          It is good, a little bit thicker than thin crust with a good wallop of cornmeal thrown down before the crust is rolled out. That is nice, it adds a good crunch and reminds me of pizza from my childhood which used to have the same coarse corn meal rolled in to the dough.

          1. re: jupiter

            Not generally a fan of corn meal, but linguica, green onions, black olives & garlic on sourdough means I will be there.


            1. re: Gerard

              well, if it really bugs you, you can pick up you slice and scrape it off. It's not really IN the dough, but ON the bottom sort of crusted on.

              Definitely do the portugese. so so so good.

      2. Chicago thin crust is available all over the city. It's the "unknown," to farang, I suppose, *other* Chicago pizza innovation vis-a-vis "cracker-crust."

        greek pizza always calls to mind feta/spinach/caramelized onions/bechamel(The Four Seasons Lounge/Chicago serves a favorite version), but, apparently, it's aka some form of East Coast fast-food pizza as well

        then there's also Turkish pizza...perhaps another can help out with the name of this "pizza."

        1. Miscellenous - Grandma slice?

          I'm with you on Hawaiian pizza but in the back of my mind I'm thinking I saw one somewhere that looked interesting because it was using something like fresh pineapple. Will have to think about it.

          Yeah, I know what you are talking about with the square cut Greek pizza ... if you are ever in Waterbury, CT, I have a great place for you.

          Having been in most Brazilian pizza joints in the Bay area, I'd say that Mr. Pizza Man in Richmond is heads above the rest with sweet and savory pizzas even a calzone

          Here's what they have:

          Brazilian Combo – chicken, green olives, tomato, onion, palm, bacon with ranch sauce

          Brazilian Sweet Pizza – Cheese, white chocolate, raisins, peaches, plums and condensed milk

          Brazilian banana pizza – cheese, banana, sugar, cinnamon, condensed milk

          Banana calzone pizza - cheese, banana, sugar, cinnamon, condensed milk

          From what I can determine of the Brazilian joints it is the crust that is different. Like Nino's it is puffy and doughy. There will usually be toppings like corn or hearts of palm involved or other unusual ingrediants.

          I haven't tried it, but Americano in Richmond off San Pablo Road has Mexican Pizza ... and Hawaiian enchildas ... and 24/7 delivery.

          Parrys in American Canyon for classic stromboli.

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          1. re: rworange

            I'll be in NYC later this year and will be heading to New Haven for pizza, so what's the Waterbury spot?


            1. re: Gerard

              I hope that your pilgrimage to New Haven will include Frank Pepe's.

            2. re: rworange

              Thanks for the tip on Mr. Pizza Man. To be honest, I don't know if I should hurry over or throw up. Maybe both?

              I'll definitely check out Parry's. I love stomboli.


              1. re: Gerard

                Here's a pic of that classic stromboli at Parry's - it will definitely fill you up, if nothing else


                1. re: josquared

                  That looks good. Thanks for the pic.

                  What's in that classic stromboli?


              2. re: rworange

                Thanks rworange and josquared for the Parry's rec. Not a place I would've found by myself.

                I went today and the stromboli was made up fresh right before my eyes. (Okay, so the round of dough came out of a box. But I've noticed quite a few places make these in the morning and then reheat.)

                I got the New York. Nothing fancy. Just ham, salami, pepperoni, and mozzarella cheese. The marinara that comes on the side makes it, though. $6.95 for great, uncomplicated "guy" food.

                Also noticed the slices. $3 for a slice of pepperoni that is RIDICULOUSLY large. Honestly, this thing is the size of a small pizza.


                1. re: Gerard

                  Yeah, I really like that place that josquared first reported about. The pizza is good East Coast stuff too. The owner had a joint in CT, IIRC.

              3. I don't believe Zachary's thin-crust is particularly Chicago-style.

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