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Nov 3, 2006 06:12 PM

New Zealand butter - where to buy

a few years back, I was working in the Bahamas for a spell. They had NZ butter almost exclusively.
It was real good and to my memory better then Euro butters too.
Has anyone a source for it by the pound in NYC?

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  1. I got some at the Amish Market on 9th ave at 49th the other day, I might call ahead to make sure they still have it as I've never noticed it before and there was not much of it. It also seems like they have one at the Columbus Circle whole foods; not in the dairy area, but with the pre-packed olives and goat cheese and stuff near the coffee. The stuff that I got is nice butter and was a little less expensive than most of the Euro types available.

    1. The East Village Cheese Shop carries both Atalanta (about 2.99 a pound, best price in town) and Jana Valley (1/2 lb, no salt for about 2.69).

      Dom's in Soho carries Jana Valley.

      1. is one better than the other?